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Navigation Scripts - Page 2

These scripts all deal with JavaScript Navigation scripts. They all help your visitors navigate around your site - either with menu lists, random links, etc. General questions about navigation scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Bold Links
    Calvin Leung Jul 15, 2009

    This script will cause a link to appear in bold type after it is clicked.

  • PolyTooltip v1.1
    Ingo Smeritschnig Jul 11, 2009

    PolyTooltip - a very easy way to make HTML tooltips on your web page. This Prototype tooltip script generates tooltips using small information boxes for many type of objects on your website such as link tooltips, form tooltips, div tooltips and more.

  • JavaScript New Window Link
    Roger Johansson May 21, 2009

    Use this handy little script to make your links open up new windows.

  • Link Array
    Lee Underwood Apr 29, 2009

    Do you need to create a list of links without writing all the HTML coding?

  • JS Image Rollovers
    Christian Watson Apr 15, 2009

    Use this script to help add image rollovers on your navbar and buttons.

  • Link Colors
    Scott Clark Apr 11, 2009

    JavaScript tells the computer to give the document a new background color for each letter that is touched.

  • Breadcrumb Navigation
    Nate Baldwin Feb 18, 2009

    Use this script to add a great breadcrumb navigation link on all your pages.

  • Floating Menu
    Scott Clark Feb 12, 2009

    Using JavaScript you can create a floating menu for your website.

  • Categorized & Searchable List Boxes
    Steve Chipman Oct 8, 2008

    This script creates a list of categorized links from a data array. The list is also searchable. A great navigational aid for small spaces. Very easy to implement.

  • Dropdown Menu
    Oct 1, 2008

    This is a very nice animated dropdown menu. Highly customizable, using unobtrusive JavaScript and CSS. Easy to implement.

  • Buttons Menu
    Igor Ivanov Sep 3, 2008

    Click a button to display a menu of buttons.

  • Highlighting Links 1
    Igor Ivanov Sep 3, 2008

    Change the color of the text of a link when the mouse hovers over it.

  • Highlighting Links 2
    Igor Ivanov Sep 3, 2008

    Highlight links as you mouse over them.

  • Page Viewer
    Elliot Khazon Aug 20, 2008

    Use this script to load Web pages inside an iframe.

  • Focus Slide Menu
    Steve Chipman Jul 18, 2008

    Mousing over a list item will cause the bluish green DIV to slide over to that list item. Interesting menu effect. Easily customizable. Degrades very nicely for those with JavaScript turned off.

  • Collapsible Menu with Memory
    Sandeep Gangadharan Jul 14, 2008

    This script creates a collapsible menu. Unlimited nested sub-links can also be added. The script uses a cookie to remember what portion of the menu the visitor has displayed so it will remain open when he returns to the page. The appearance of the menu can be changed to match any site.

  • Select Option Navigation Menu
    Stephen Griffin Jun 24, 2008

    This menu uses a select/option form component to create a drop-down navigation menu. When the user makes the selection, he will be taken directly to that URL.

  • Pop-up Checkbox Navbar
    Sandeep Gangadharan May 20, 2008

    This space saving script creates a button that when pushed, pops-up your nav bar.

  • Rainbow Links
    Thai Cao Phong May 13, 2008

    Implement this script into your Web pages to make all links change color on mouseover event.

  • Go to first screen in tab stack
    Howard Cary Morris May 8, 2008

    Allows one to add to bookmarks or favorites an html that takes one to first page on the tab stack.

  • Animated MiniTabs
    Rich Hein Apr 22, 2008

    A sleek animation effect using tabs for a slide navigation bar. Degrades very nicely when JavaScript is turned-off.

  • Right Click Context Menu
    Rao Vedavyas Mar 25, 2008

    "This javascript enables you to display a context menu whenever a user right click the page. It's a customizable menu. Check it out yourself... (Download Zip file)"

  • GreyBox
    Amir Salihefendic Mar 21, 2008

    This technique allows you to open a modal window, which is like a pop-up window, but doesn't actually open another window/tab. It does not conflict with pop-up blockers. Easy to set-up and use. The style is controlled through CSS. This is great for launching other Web pages or image galleries. Full documentation is included.

  • Selective Clicks
    Mr. J Mar 12, 2008

    This script allows users to assign a different function for a different number of clicks.

  • Generate a Table of Contents Using the DOM
    Stuart Langridge Feb 27, 2008

    It's often useful for a long page to contain a table of contents, to make it easy for people to jump to the section they want to read. This script will do the work automatically, generating a table of contents using the <h1> to <h6> tags.