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Navigation Scripts - Page 12

These scripts all deal with JavaScript Navigation scripts. They all help your visitors navigate around your site - either with menu lists, random links, etc. General questions about navigation scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Delayed Popup
    Ronnie Moore Sep 9, 2000

    Automatically opens a new popup window a given number of seconds after the page finishes loading. The script can optionally be configured to close the window after a few seconds.

  • Directory Info
    Kevin Brown Sep 9, 2000

    Do you archive your website's contents into separate directories? If so, you'll love this script! It will print out a neat linked directory information for any page on your site! Very neat!

  • Dynamic Frameset
    Sep 9, 2000

    Rather than setup separate framesets each time you want to start over and open one of your page inside your frames, use this dynamic frameset script. You can load all your content pages as necessary through one page -- the magic begins when you use a search string (a '?' in the URL). The page passed then is opened in your frames. A default content page is used if no information is passed. Cool!

  • Dynamic Links
    Sep 9, 2000

    Dynamically change the link address for a hyperlink based on their entry in the pulldown menu. Send to different email addresses or URLs, wow!

  • Fading Rollover
    Sep 9, 2000

    Uses OnMouseOver and OnMouseOut events with a series of images to create a fade effect. Recently re-written to be more efficient and cross-browser compatible with Netscape and Internet Explorer. Stunning!

  • Floating Menu
    Randy Bennett Sep 9, 2000

    JavaScript can power a floating menu, that actually can 'float' a navigation bar menu to anywhere on the page, with the click of a mouse! Amazing!

  • Frame Branding
    Grace Li Sep 9, 2000

    Allows you to open other sites in a new window while retaining the branding for your site in a frame. The branding frame can be either rows or columns, easy!

  • Frame Navigation Demo
    Sep 9, 2000

    If your site is in frames, you'll love this neat script. You can create a button in one frame and have it change the location of the other frame! Awesome! (09/09/2000)

  • Frames Load Order
    Ronnie Moore Sep 9, 2000

    Loads a frame only after the other frame has completely finished loading. With two frames, for example, the top frame is blank until the bottom frame loads. Then, the top frame loads with the correct page. Great!

  • FTP Server Login
    Reinout Verkerk Sep 9, 2000

    Just enter your username, password, and FTP server's address and JavaScript can login into the server for you!

  • Full Screen Window 2
    Paul Deron Sep 9, 2000

    Open a new window in full screen mode. Menu bars and the status bar are disabled. Useful for pages displaying a movie clip, slideshow, or even on an intro 'welcome' page to your site. It's only 4 lines total. Easy!

  • Hard Drive Browser
    Sep 9, 2000

    This script provides quick access to your entire hard drive, including A, B, C, D, and E drives (the ones you have, at least). Short code too!

  • Home Page
    Sep 9, 2000

    (Netscape 4.0+ users only) Take the visitor to their browser's home page automatically or via a button or link click. Cool!

  • Key Launcher
    Sep 9, 2000

    The easiest website navigation yet requires nothing more than touching letters on your keyboard. Just touch a letter that has been defined as a launcher key and you are sent to that key's pre-defined page. It's easy to add as many launcher keys as you want and surely will amaze your visitors! Awesome!

  • Link Delay Image
    Sep 9, 2000

    After your visitors click a link, you can make the browser delay as many seconds as you want before they are actually sent to that page. Why not use that time to display an animated image about the page they are going to? Eye-catching!

  • Link Wheel
    Sep 9, 2000

    This neat little JavaScript will flip through all the different sites that you include, along with a description of that site. When the visitor clicks the button, they are taken to that site! Very cool!

  • Links List
    Sep 9, 2000

    Allow your users to quickly see a list of all the links on your web page in a well organized and numbered list. Each listing includes the link URL and the link's text. Works on both IE and Netscape. Clever!

  • Load Two Frames
    Sep 9, 2000

    Open two different pages into two separate pages when the user clicks on one link! The frameset code can even be customized to fit with your site's design. Great!

  • Pulldown Menu (Automatic)
    Sep 9, 2000

    This Javascript will display an ordinary-looking menu . Once a link is selected, the visitor is automatically taken to the website without hitting 'Go!' or anything. If you use this script, please leave a link to our site in the pulldown menu!

  • Proffesional Menus
    MO Dec 25, 1999

    Want to create your own customized mouseover pics--without images?? Check this out!! Everything you need to know about CSS and Tables ... NO JAVASCRIPT REQUIRED!!! AND MIN. HTML. WORKS WITH ALL BROWSERS!!

  • Dynamic Select Menus
    Matt Oct 3, 1999

    Two-layer, dynamic select menu script which populates second select menu based on your choice in first menu.

  • Dropdown Menus
    rob Aug 16, 1999

    Graphical dropdown menus with mouseover. Some of the menu options display a graphical text box. This was originally designed to work as a subform in Lotus Notes Domino. This is similar to frames in HTML in that the subform(menus) stays on the screen whilst other parts change.