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Navigation Scripts - Page 11

These scripts all deal with JavaScript Navigation scripts. They all help your visitors navigate around your site - either with menu lists, random links, etc. General questions about navigation scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Age Redirection
    Sep 9, 2000

    Occassionally, your web site might need to redirect minors away from adult content. This script is a VERY simple preliminary age check. Those underage are then forwarded to

  • Close Window 2
    Sep 9, 2000

    If you have JavaScript open a new window, it's a piece of cake to close it after a certain number of seconds of being open. Just enter in the time in milliseconds (i.e. 5000 = 5 secs) and it your window will close after the appropriate number of seconds.

  • Combined Menu
    Ronnie Moore Sep 9, 2000

    Sends the user to a specific URL based on the combined selections from two different pulldown menus. If the user only selects from one menu, they are still taken to that menu's corresponding page. Works great for sites navigation based on two seperate characteristics. Give it a try.

  • Current Directory
    Dan Worsham Sep 9, 2000

    Takes the user to a directory listing of all files in the current directory. Or, if an index.html file exists in that directory, they are taken to that page instead.

  • Cursor Link
    Sep 9, 2000

    Forget actually clicking on links anymore, if you put your cursor over them, you go there! (with this JavaScript at least) If you use this script, please remember that it can be annoying, even a pain for them to have to come back if they really didn't want to follow the link. With that said, go check out the code!

  • Customized Popup
    Sep 9, 2000

    Allow your visitors to have a popup page on your site appear exactly as they want! They can customize the width, height, and placement of a popup window on your site before the window is opened.

  • Day of Month Redirection
    Sep 9, 2000

    Or maybe you have a separate page for each day of the month. This script will detect what day of the month it is (1 to 31) and sends the user to [day of month].html (i.e. 1.html, 2.html, etc.)

  • Day of Week Redirection
    Sep 9, 2000

    If you would like to redirect your visitor to a different page for each day of the week, this script would be perfect. It will first detect what day of the week it is and then forward the visitor to the appropriate page. (09/09/2000)

  • Exit Window (Source)
    Sep 9, 2000

  • Navigation: Category Menus Demo
    Sep 9, 2000

  • Month Page 2
    Sep 9, 2000

    If you maintain separate pages for each month, this script can redirect the user to the correct page automatically! The script determines the current month and sends them to the correct page. Neat!

  • Must Visit Sponsor
    Sep 9, 2000

    Requires the visitor to click your sponsor's banner or link before being able to enter your site. After clicking the banner or link text, the advertiser's page will open in a new window, and your web page loads in the original window, which is behind the ad window.

  • New Window
    Sep 9, 2000

    Do you have a link that you'd rather have open in a new window? This little script will do just that! You can even use a button or a text link to open the new window! Check out the example and see what you think!

  • Popup Page
    Sep 9, 2000

    JavaScript can open another window a specified number of seconds after the first page finishes loading. This popup page can function as an advertising window, some tips on navigating your site, what's new, and lots more. Nice!

  • Portable Menu
    Sep 9, 2000

    On your site, it's often useful to have a navigation menu for visitors to help them get around on your site. This navigation menu, however, is different. As the visitor scrolls up and down your site, the menu moves up and down with them! It's a portable menu! (The only concern when adding this to your site is to make sure you move the regular content on your site over enough that the portable menu won't cover it) Great!

  • Quick Jump
    Sep 9, 2000

    Similar to the location box in your browsers, just enter a complete web site address (starting with http://) in the box and click enter to jump to that site! Short script - only three lines of code!

  • Quick Jump Phrases
    Jay Bienvenu Sep 9, 2000

    Allows the user to quick jump to the site of their choice just by entering the short phrase for that site. It even displays a list of all the sites and the phrases to go there automatically! Definitely a clever way to allow visitors to navigate your site. (Be sure to put this script on it's own page of your site.)

  • Quick Preview
    Ronnie Moore Sep 9, 2000

    When the user clicks the thumbnail image the full picture loads in a new window. The window can optionally be configured to close a fixed number seconds after the page has loaded.

  • Random Page
    Sep 9, 2000

    An easy way to instantly send the visitor to a random HTML page. Just enter the random pages you want to use, and you're done!

  • Remote Control
    Ronnie Moore Sep 9, 2000

    Simplify the navigation process on your web site by allowing your visitors to open a small remote control window with links to the sections of your site. And, when they click a link, the remote control closes and they are taken to the page in the main window. Great!

  • Reusable Menus
    Sep 9, 2000

    A Javascript-powered set of related menus that all run in the same select object on a page. This allows for easy customization and menu independence. You can have as many sublevels as you like, in as many individual menus as you like, in as many different forms as you like! Awesome!

  • Sliding Window
    Daniel Clarke Sep 9, 2000

    Slides the browser window off the screen when the link or button is clicked, only to return it to its original location as it loads the link page. Sweet!

  • Misc.: Daily Redirection
    Sep 9, 2000

    If you would like to redirect your visitor to a different page for each day of the week, this script would be perfect. It will first detect what day of the week it is and then forward the visitor to the appropriate page.

  • Thumbnail Navigator
    Daniel Smith Sep 9, 2000

    Allows the visitor to easily browse with Previous and Next through several thumbnail images (all of which are preloaded so they show up instantly). Then they can click the Go button to be taken to the selected thumbnail's full size image.

  • Web Slideshow
    Randy Bennett Sep 9, 2000

    Create your own hands-free web page slide show with ease. This script cycles any number of pages that you set up on a time delay basis. Absolutely a gem for any interested in providing a hands-free web site demonstration. The slideshow can repeat indefinitely, or finish at a 'the end' page. The left frame also allows for a quick jump to any particular page that you want.