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Multimedia - Page 7

  • glow java mouseOver
    Ivan Apr 17, 1998

    a rollover script using glw

  • Real Audio Detector
    pheen Apr 11, 1998

    "Checks for real audio mimetype and gives link (or whatever you want) if user has it. Gives ""sorry"" msg if not."

  • Large Random MIDI Player
    Anonymous Mar 20, 1998

    Plays a random MIDI file.

  • The Midi Changer
    Andrew Mar 3, 1998

    The Midi Changer is a simple JavaScript that opens a specific size pop-up window. The files and graphics that are displayed in the Midi Changer are kept on our server, so, when we update the Midi Changer with new graphics or additional Midi files you get that update without any coding changes. The Midi Changer is NOT a jukebox where you only have 10 Midi's to choose from. The Midi Changer gives you access to OVER 5 mb of Midi's (growing every week) in a very user-friendly menu. SCRIPT VERSION 3.0 IS ON-LINE. GRAPHICS VERSION 3.0 IS ONLINE. OVER 200 MIDI'S AVAILABLE IN CATEGORIES OR RANDOM MODE.

  • Star Wars Galaxy Chat
    Anonymous Feb 17, 1998

    Chat For ALL Star Wars Fans!

  • Annoy A Browser
    Tim Feb 7, 1998

    This is pretty interesting. It bounces the browser window around the really it does.

  • DTHML with javascript
    Anonymous Jan 24, 1998

    Check out the DHTML

  • Animations onMouseOver
    Anonymous Jan 12, 1998

    An animation begins using plain old gifs.

  • Michel Kuik
    Anonymous Jan 7, 1998