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Multimedia - Page 5

  • Simplest Music Player
    David Sep 7, 1999

    Change size of player, start, stop, rewind, ff, change volume, etc. The source is only 1 short line & associates with any downloaded play list!

  • Y2K Counter Toolbar
    Anonymous Aug 21, 1999

    A toolbar that dynamically counts down to the year 2000 using weeks, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and milliseconds.

  • Add music to your site
    Anonymous Aug 20, 1999

    add music to background of web-site background of your web-site bad points you can't stop it

  • Random GIFs
    Anonymous Aug 17, 1999

    Show a random GIF on your page each day or "refresh/reload". You can change the random number to suit your needs.

  • Random GIFz
    Anonymous Aug 17, 1999

    Show a random GIF on your web page each day or each time the "Reload" or "Refresh" button is depressed. Works with both Netscape 4.6 and IE 5.0.

  • RNI Free Music Chat Room
    Anonymous Aug 10, 1999

    Do you have a web site that focuses on Music? Supply your visitors with an easy way to chat in real time about your music topics. Now it's even easier to let your web site visitors chat! In just five minutes, you can have your web site visitors chatting. Just place a peice of code on your site and that's it. This is free. Please restrict the use of this free chat to music related topics only

  • MP3 Java Search engine
    Sacha Aug 7, 1999

    This is a great script to find music on the internet, may become the best mp3 site if you help me and submit one or more mp3s!

  • Midi Juke Box Player
    Anonymous Jul 29, 1999

    A Midi juke box! Select and play!

  • All Sound Clicker/Controller
    Jacop Jul 26, 1999

    Use this script in almost any place!

  • Cascading Menu
    Anonymous Jul 19, 1999

    Put your mouse over the link and its magic, a div, span, or layer (whatever you want), will apear (requires IE 4.0+).

  • Guitar Chord Machine
    Anonymous Jul 11, 1999

    This script uses images, so it looks like a real chord diagram. It's very easy to add new chords simply by adding links that call the 'chord' function. It has eight parameters for you to submit the chord name, position, and the fret numbers. Enjoy...

  • ColourX Gradient Change
    Mud Jun 8, 1999

    Dynamically changes the colour of text or a background by seting a random target and moving step at a time towards it resulting in a smooth colour changing effect - when it reaches the target it selects a new one.

  • Rollover-Sound-Machine: wav, au, midi for your nav bars
    Peter May 11, 1999

    Sound is wonderful weapon to enhance the impact of imagelinks,textlinks and navigation bars. Here is a smart cross-browser solution which is simple and powerful at the same time. Just install one little function - and you are the soundmaster of the universe. --- IE4x and NN4x ---

  • Random Page Loader
    eike Mar 17, 1999

    With or without frameset. Dummy file is used that refreshes to random html file. Couldn't do it directly from frameset so that's why dummy file was created.

  • Random Midi w/ Song Name
    Jonathan Mar 13, 1999

    Plays random midi every time page is loaded & displays name of song! Fully customizable!

  • Menu Visibility Code
    Ezzo Feb 26, 1999

    Make stylesheets visible or invisible onClick or onMouseOver (NS 4.0 & IE 4.0).

  • A Number of Scripts Combined
    Mark Feb 23, 1999

    Seeing is believing. Visit my page to see what I mean. You want this script!

  • Midi Selector
    Geremy Feb 22, 1999

    Let's visitors select music they want to hear!

  • Customizable Chat Room
    martin Feb 20, 1999

    A fully customizable chat room.

  • Browser-Defined Music Tag Generator
    Nate Feb 19, 1999

    This simple script bridges the gap between Netscape and MSIE!

  • Select a Hit!
    Demetrius Feb 7, 1999

    Pick a midi, wav, or MP3 to play. Simple drop-down selector.

  • Drop-Down Select Menu for Embedded RealPlayer
    Kevin Feb 6, 1999

    Easy to configure and customizable to embed RealAudio player and have drop-down list of live audio files to select. Choose basic default RealAudio embedded interaface.

  • Text Gradient
    Anonymous Jan 30, 1999

    Text Gradient: Look at example!

  • Virtual Piano Chords and Scales
    Anonymous Jan 16, 1999

    This script generates a virtual piano and lets you see dozens of different chords and scales. It also tells you the notes of each one and lets you change the root.

  • JavaScript Window Circle
    Anonymous Jan 13, 1999

    Moves a browser window arround a circle.