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Multimedia - Page 4

    ALEX May 26, 2000


  • Real Audio Box Script
    Michael May 20, 2000

    With this script, you may watch a video or listen to a song with Real Player on your site!

  • Splash...
    iangod May 20, 2000

    splash scripted graphics on the user's desktop all timed events...even with all windows minimized. all splashes can be any scripted content, can be timed to run GIF's or anything you can code into a web page even FLASH.. !_ANOTHER MUST SEE_!

  • i-frame's drag and drop with live streaming video
    iangod May 14, 2000

    i-frames that can be dragged and dropped anywhere on your page with any dynamic content !_THIS IS A MUST SEE_!

  • The Amazing Floating Non-Jittery Menu
    Joey May 3, 2000

    This is a great script that will keep anything scrolling along with the page. the best part is that you can drag it around and leave it wherever you want. It will even resize itself!

  • Site Search Engine Generator
    Cenk Apr 8, 2000

    Create your own Site Search Engine with your individual inputs. No programming experience required.

  • random background midi
    Adam Mar 26, 2000

    This piece of script randomly plays a piece of midi for the background each time it is loaded or refreshed

  • personal browser
    manny Mar 25, 2000

    this script has a built in jav script browser. you can get the cgi bin locations of many other search engines to fuel your own browser.this is best yused with a site that uses can put your browser on top and let them have fun with it.

  • Dynamic highlight link script
    Anonymous Mar 17, 2000

    Use this nifty script to add a highlight effect to any link when the mouse passes over it, with the highlight color for each link fully customizable. Great way to add emphasis to particular links on your site!

  • Earthquake! A realistic simulation
    Mark Mar 6, 2000

    Written by Mark Gobbin ( Realistic earthquake effect. Causes the browser window to shake as if there is an earthquake. It is far more real than the other ones i've seen, as it shakes in random directions. It is also easily customisable, as i have put lots of comments and organised it in such a way that you can adjust the speed, violence, etc.

    Anonymous Mar 6, 2000

    Do you like zelda? If you do, you'll love this script! It's a cool zelda page! It'll ask you for your name, and a comment. It has cool zelda music, and a cool background. I will get a better version soon!

  • iFrame V1.1
    -XavtroN- Feb 19, 2000

    this is a new example of an iFrame

  • CrossHair
    Anonymous Dec 9, 1999

    This is a cool little script that puts a crosshair on the page your viewing.

  • Navigation System
    Anonymous Dec 9, 1999

    This'll get people visting your site!

  • Another Random Midi Script
    Anonymous Nov 13, 1999

    Just like it says... by Steve Commisso

  • Constant Midi
    Anonymous Nov 13, 1999

    Want a midi to keep playing whether or not the user stays in the frames of your page? This will do it! by Laurent

  • Guitar Chord Chart
    Anonymous Nov 13, 1999

    Shows fingering of a chord you select. The root of the chord blinks! by Gordon McComb

  • Random Midi Player
    Anonymous Nov 13, 1999

    Try this one out! by Jeremy Rosenberg

  • Show Me the Midi!
    Anonymous Nov 13, 1999

    Random midi player that also posts name of midi being played! by Unofficial Hanson Website

  • Music changer
    Anonymous Nov 12, 1999

    Turn background music off with a button and then turn it back on with the same button!

  • iFrame
    Anonymous Nov 9, 1999

    A cool little HTML thing, no JavaScript. It's like putting a frame in with less hassle!

  • Musical Images & Links
    Demetrius Nov 8, 1999

    Plays different music when user moves mouse over image or link.

  • Extract Links from Web Page
    Julius Oct 31, 1999

    This script lets you open a small window that contains only links from referring page.

  • Bad Joke Generator
    Anonymous Oct 1, 1999

    This script asks for some stuff, then makes it into a bad joke. Made by Some Random Mexican.

  • Check Browser
    Kris Sep 28, 1999

    This script wil check for users browser and link to the specified site.