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Multimedia - Page 3

  • Fading Image Rollovers
    Roy Whittle Sep 10, 2001

    On mouse over, image fades from the off image to the on image. Much more eye-catching than a simple image swap.

  • DS Fade
    Dario Sciacca Aug 12, 2001

    This script displays a fade effect between any images.

  • Play-list
    Jorge Lopez Jul 11, 2001

    Your own music list

  • Moving Image from Coyotee Labs
    Coyotee Jun 19, 2001

    A picture that moves arround the screen just like in Black & White's Pages

  • TextScroller of Color v1.0
    Andrew Gale May 4, 2001

    This script scrolls a message across the screen in different colors. It is fully compatible with both IE and Netscape.

  • Animated Window Opener, Version 2.0
    Igor Bushin Apr 25, 2001

    Animated opens and centered window for view image. Use cool effects.

  • JavaScript Presentation Manager
    Peter Gruetter Apr 23, 2001

    A slide show for your web page.

    Paul Whitrow Apr 12, 2001

    Javascript lightning strikes.

  • Animated Window Close
    Igor Bushin Jan 11, 2001

    This script animated opens a new window using a cool open effect. It also uses close effects. You can use it for ADs or other things. Enjoy!!!

  • rain animation
    Matthew Dec 1, 2000

    It is a rain animation done in DHTML.

  • starfield animation
    Matthew Dec 1, 2000

    This is a starfield animation done with DHTML.

  • Form validation for no value
    Andrew Nov 7, 2000

    This script will validate not only for blanks but no value. If the user hits the space bar or enters a value and then removes it!

  • favorites saveable
    manny Nov 4, 2000

    This favorites tool bar allows you to store and save multilple favorites.. the only thing it lacks is th ability to retain the information after the computer has shut down

  • html maker 1.2
    manny Nov 4, 2000

    This version of my html maker has the ability to store you current work in one of three slots,,the problem is it doesnt store it after the comp is shut down..i am currently testin it with cookies....

  • Fullscreen New Window
    Joey Sep 4, 2000

    This is a wonderful script that will open a new window that is the size of the entire monitor! Very cool, you have to see what I mean. Instructions included.

  • Easy Floater
    Joey Aug 4, 2000

    This script is like my other floater script, but it is much easier to configure and understand. This code won't baffle you like many other floaters. Complete instructions included.

  • Html generator
    manny Aug 4, 2000

    This html generator is so easy to use(and make) that its hilarioius.

  • SpikeRMN's fake virus
    Anonymous Aug 4, 2000

    "This is a really cool fake virus...Email me at <a href="" fake virus"">SpikeRMN</a> if you need help with any HTML or web-programming..."

  • Web Page Autoscroller
    Joey Aug 4, 2000

    This amazingly short script will automatically scroll down a page. Full setup instructions are included, along with instructions on how to create a stop button. Very cool.

  • Mouse tracking window
    Raztus Jul 23, 2000

    This page opens a new window that follows your mouse cursor. The cursor's coordinates are displayed in a text box.

  • Menu Plus
    Anonymous Jul 19, 2000

    If you want a quick and simple Menu, Get this one! easy and fast, with background sound! Vote for My MENU PLUS! You are welcome to use if ONLY if Copyright is left in the script, otherwise you must not use it.

  • Chord Generator
    Anonymous Jul 14, 2000

    Generate lot of guitar chords with nice graphics

  • Scale Generator
    Anonymous Jul 14, 2000

    Generate guitar scales with nice graphics

  • **********Cascading Menus!**********
    Mr. Jul 3, 2000

    Advanced cascading menus in dhtml!

  • Cheesehead Enterprises Slide Out Menu!!
    Sk8boarder Jun 23, 2000

    Here is a cool slide out menu that can be personalized to your needs with a little HTML editing. Very neat and attractive. Use on your site to your hearts content. **PEASE NOMINATE!!** Also visit my site at