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Multimedia - Page 2

  • Mouse Rollover
    trtret reter Nov 13, 2002

    This script rolls over when you mouse over the link. It turns into a crosshair.

  • tunneling
    timothy englert Nov 2, 2002

    JavaScript and ActiveX create this tunnel effet that uses some cool text. No gifs, just code generated fun!

  • Filthy Radio
    Jason Latham Jun 26, 2002

    Just put this snippet of code in your page to add web radio to your page.

  • DS RandomMusic
    Dario Sciacca Mar 14, 2002

    This script plays random music.Whatever files you put in. Just remember that the midi or.wav files must be in the same directory as the page.

  • Bionic Bouncy Ball
    RDVHTML Feb 22, 2002

    The Bionic Bouncy Ball is a script that displays a bouncy ball in a box that can be controlled using a,w,s,d.

  • Mouse Clock
    Landy Johnson Feb 20, 2002

    "A clock displays to the right of the cursor, with the date spinning around the clock face. I did not author this; however, the author didn't identify himself.)"

  • Bar Chart
    Shaji Kalidasan Feb 1, 2002

    A Bar Chart Without Images. No license & Copyright. Free to use.

  • Pacman Mouse Trails
    Adam Steele Jan 25, 2002

    Pacman gobbles up all the pills that your mouse leaves behind.

  • Mouse Fairy Dust! V 2.0
    Terry Yuen Jan 18, 2002

    Add some magic to your mouse by giving it some fairy dust! When the mouse moves, the dust falls off and disappears! Almost like in Disney.

  • Very Basic Mouseover Sound Script
    Daniel Cullen Jan 13, 2002

    Adding background sounds to different parts of your page.

  • Multimedia Rollovers
    Roy Whittle Jan 11, 2002

    Make your image rollovers much more dynamic by using the Microsoft Transition Filters built into Internet Explorer on the Windows platform.

  • Simple Animation
    John Jones Jan 2, 2002

    A simple frame animation script.

  • Reactive Cartoon Face for creating arbitrary sequences of affective expressions.
    Mark Plutowski Dec 21, 2001

    "This application is essentially a reactive cartoon face that can be controlled client-side to create emotional expressions on the fly. "

  • Cool Text Glow Effect
    Coyotee Dec 20, 2001

    "Want to make your page title look cool??? This script is for you. It makes your title glow. You must have it. Just look at it you will be convinced."

  • DS SinusPath
    Dario Sciacca Dec 20, 2001

    "This script moves any image with a sinus path effect. "

  • JavaScript Diagram Builder
    Lutz Tautenhahn Dec 14, 2001

    Library of objects and functions to display diagrams in Web pages.

    Paul Whitrow Dec 13, 2001

    Updated version of Lightning Script

  • Web Midi JukeBox Application
    Rochelle Nov 30, 2001

    A web document file with JavaScript to feature a midi jukebox player with drop-down menu.

  • Mouse Movements Recording
    La Minh Khanh Nov 26, 2001

    This script records the mouse movements you make. Then it will be replayed in screeen.

  • Cool Background
    Igor Bushin Nov 24, 2001

    Four cool effects move background on your page. Enjoy!

  • DS Rain
    Dario Sciacca Nov 22, 2001

    "This script displays a rain effect. "

  • DS Bubbles
    Dario Sciacca Nov 16, 2001

    This script displays a bubbles effect.

  • Blur Text
    Prince Oct 29, 2001

    This script prompts visitor to enter his/her name. Then add blur effect to visitor's name.

  • Halloween Ghosts.
    Roy Whittle Oct 16, 2001

    Spooky Halloween Ghosts haunt your web page.

  • Easy Animation
    Sally Ferreira Oct 4, 2001

    Script allows user to predefine move segments and then invoke the animation whenever he chooses.