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textToHtmlAssistant by Daniel M Hellerstein

Daniel M Hellerstein Feb 9, 2016


textToHtmlAssistant is a standalone javascript script will convert text files to HTML. That means trying to figure out what kinds of HTML markup to insert into the text file to make it pretty. While far from perfect, and not particularly elegant, textToHtmlAssistant can do a credible job. textToHtmlAssistant is especially useful for converting text files with lots of HTML tags -- the tags are displayed as they are.


If your text file follows a certain natural syntax, textToHtmlAssistant can add a variety of markup, including: Automatic conversion of html tags; Empty lines as new lines; Bold, underline, emphasis, and monospacing of lines of text; Creation of ordered and unordered list, with optional side header; Creation of 2 column tables; Creation of non-marked up blocks of text; Creation of external links; A simple HTML editor to modify generated results; Creation of a linked table of contents, and section headers;

Code Snippet

jquery version 10.
This is included in the .zip file, along with the html script, a javascript library, and a css file (along with a readme and an example file)



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