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Simple Text Rotate

JavaScriptSource Staff Apr 6, 2007


This script will display random text messages, which can be styled using CSS. Add as many as you want.

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Lee Oct 31, 2008

basically i have this script working for a testimonial section of my site. It works perfectly in FireFox but creates and "error on page" message in IE and doesn't load the script. Once you hit the reload but in IE, it then activates the script and low and behold i can see the testimonials.[br /][br /]The main page is compiled of 3 Frames. index. header. footer[br /]the testimonials, when working, are in the header.[br /][br /]Can anyone please help me out

john Feb 8, 2008

You need to submit your question to the [a href=""]JavaScript Forum[/a].

Lee May 25, 2007

Your script for Simple Text Rotate is great and I thank you. Unfortunately I am not proficient at javascript and do not know how to change it from random to sequential. I need it for displaying testimonials for my client's website and I think it would annoy visitor. If you could help me with a solution I would be forever in your debt.[p]Thx

Aaron Wahlquist May 2, 2007

The simple-text-rotate.html file is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you! Helmut

Helmut Apr 23, 2007