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Semantic On-Page Tabs

JavaScriptSource Staff Oct 29, 2007


Create links to different topics on one page. Since all of the information is included on the same page, it will still be displayed if JavaScript is turned off. Easy to set-up.

London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom, a mix of history, architecture and culture has created an amazing and constantly evolving city.
  • Day One: Visit Westminster Abbey, the Royal Tombs, and Poets' Corner. Afterward, stroll around the Houses of Parliament. Later in the afternoon, explore Piccadilly Circus, the teeming epicenter of London's West End. Have dinner in Soho.
  • Day Two: Visit Green Park. Buckingham Palace and the changing of the Guard. Visit the Royal Mews, Trafalgar Square, the National Gallery. After dinner in the Covent Garden area or on the Thames, pick up your travel guide or ask a friendly-looking Londoner for a recommendation for a bar, pub, or club.
  • Day Three: Visit The Tower of London. Explore the precincts on your own, making certain you allot enough time to see the Crown Jewels. From the Tower, head over to nearby St. Paul's Cathedral.
$1,250 per person, including air and breakfast.


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Lee Nov 7, 2007

I downloaded the script, I did as I read it, I put the script into a page in order to check it...and it didn`t work![br /]I don`t know why![br /]I didn`t change anything![br /]Just copy&paste!

Manuel Stanca Nov 6, 2007

I have tried this code on two different sites I have. While the code works, it takes about 20-30 seconds before the page hides div 2 and 3. These hosts load additional content. I am going to play with the files to see if I can correct this. I will let you know what I find.

compassman Oct 31, 2007