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Scrolling & Expanding List

Steve Chipman Aug 29, 2008


This list scrolls within a DIV, and also fully expands. East to implement. Can be used in many different ways.

View the script demo here.


Source Code

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External file

Paste this code into an external JavaScript file named: scrollExpand.js


Paste this code into your external CSS file or in the <style> section within the HEAD section of your HTML document.


Paste this code into the HEAD section of your HTML document.


Paste this code into the BODY section of your HTML document


Download the images using the URL below:

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I like how you do things guys. continue the great work.

Ariza Aug 29, 2008

This article is really useful and its a very simple code to understand

yogendra Aug 29, 2008

This is an awesome script! It is very easy to put in my code, and it works like a pro! Great Job!

-- Aug 29, 2008