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Nice Titles

Stuart Langridge Jan 5, 2007


Display the title of a link in an easy-to-read box. Quick response time and very easy to implement!

Just hover over the links below to see it work.

Ma quande lingues coalesce, li grammatica del resultant lingue es plu simplic e regulari quam ti del coalescent lingues. Li nov lingua franca va esser plu simplic e regulari quam li existent Europan lingues. It va esser tam simplic quam Occidental: in fact, it va esser Occidental. A un Angleso it va semblar un simplificat Angles, quam un skeptic Cambridge amico dit me que Occidental es.


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In the CSS portion, under "div.nicetitle", changing the width size should do it.

Lee Jan 16, 2009

Hi there[br /]This javascript is exactly what I wanted but I'm not having any luck reducing the width size of the background. My client would like the text to wrap around and have the box width shorter. I have tried doing this in the css and the javascript but to no avail. Can you please assist? Thanks very much.

Felicia Forbes Nov 25, 2008

To remove the urls and only show the title of the link in Nicetitles:[br /][br /]In the css file, add 'display:none;' to div.nicetitle p.destination[br /][br /]in js file change 'h_pixels = h*6; t_pixels = t*10;' to[br /]h_pixels = h*1; t_pixels = t*6;[br /][br /]This will shorten the length of the background image.

Sitework6 Jul 20, 2008

Ed,[p]You can have the entire script e-mailed to you, if you like. Just use the box below.

Lee Feb 13, 2007

I was wondering, is there a zip for this where everything can be in it

Ed Feb 12, 2007