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Media Viewer v 1.0 by Fahad Sandi Agassy

Fahad Sandi Agassy Jun 28, 2012


(Internet Explorer only) view any files at your browser from your hardisk.


(Internet Explorer only) This script can open file you've choose and this script will do the rest

Code Snippet

<html><head><title>Media Viewer V 1.0</title>
<body lang="EN">
<h1>Media Viewer V 1.0</h1>
<!-- author = Fahad Sandi| -->
<!-- script area -->
<p>Support browser :<b> Internet Explorer Version 5 or higher</b>
<p>Support media :<b> All files (*.*)</b>
<input type="file" name="object" onchange="{location.replace(''+ form.object.value +'')}">
<!-- end script area -->
<noscript><h1 style="color:red">Please activate Javascript to continue!</h1></noscript>



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i need javascript in order to enter a contest on facebook.

Dianne Simon Jul 26, 2012