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Hate IE

JavaScriptSource Staff Oct 15, 2007


If your visitor is using Internet Explorer as their browser, this script will politely suggest Firefox as an alternative browser. Just add it to the head of your page. Very simple!


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Jim,[br /]Many times scripts are posted so that others can see how something is accomplished. These techniques can then be applied in other scripts.

Lee Oct 26, 2007

Better is to display a text suggesting to use FireFox. Alert boxes normally are not used for this purpose IMHO

Cassy Oct 23, 2007

Kinda agressive this message, don't you think?

Kober Oct 22, 2007

Yesss! i do hate it! too bad my boss won't let me use this script

alpar Oct 16, 2007

What a waste.

Jim Halvorsen Oct 15, 2007