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Sandeep Gangadharan Sep 14, 2007


Display/hide information by just clicking a header. Previously opened section will be hidden when new one is opened. There is no limit to the amount of information you can add or sections you can use. Excellent for FAQs.

1] Example & Explanation:
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2] Compatibility:
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3] Notes:
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Each collapsible header has 2 DIV tags, one is the main header that opens or closes the collapsible text and the other is for the collapsible text or content. In the first DIV tag the text (onClick="openClose('a1')") should not be changed and in the second DIV tag the text (id="a1" class="texter") is required. As you add more collapsible headers the identifier 'a1' should be incremented for all new headers in both DIV tags, for example a2 for header 2, a3 for header 3 etc. Everything else can be modified as per your requirements.

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Could there be a change or an extension to this script to allow all tabs to be open at the same time? I have 15+ tabs, using this script, but have a functional requirement to have all tabs opened at the same time - or to have many but not all the tabs open. I have a Faqs-similar webpage that needs to have this ability. Please reply when you have an answer or have a suggested link where I can find this ability. Thank you. This code has made my project easier and I am grateful.

Dan Aug 15, 2012

I used it to hide a whole table of form fields that are optional, and used a checkbox with the onClick event. Worked great and code is so short. Great work.

Eric Sep 3, 2008

I was thrown a last minute project and was given code that was not usable. I came to this site looking for collapsible text and this was EXACTLY what I needed! Wished I came here earlier on as I had another project - given even crappier code - that required collapsible lists and this would have been perfect.[br /][br /]blk

J Jan 31, 2008

Not sure of the problem. It's all the same on this end.

Lee Nov 6, 2007

The JavaScript in the sent email is not the same as on the site and does not work.

Joe Pallaitn Sep 21, 2007