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JavaScriptSource Staff Sep 9, 2000
It's always neat to dynamically change an image when the user touches it. For this example, I have one image and when you put your cursor on it, it changes to another. If you use this script, be sure to use images of the same size!

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[ Don't forget to use the preload images script! ]

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Simply click inside the window below, use your cursor to highlight the script, and copy (type Control-c or Apple-c) the script into a new file in your text editor (such as NotePad or SimpleText) and save (Control-s or Apple-s). The script is yours!


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this is the most greous popular code

amit Nov 16, 2014

I cant figure out whats wrong with this, please help! [removed] function ChangeImage(template, template2) { var image= document.getElementById(template2) image.scr= template2 } [removed]

Trevor Aug 12, 2013

good job.

sanxiv Jul 10, 2012

its good

shanthi Nov 20, 2008