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Basic JavaScript Quiz

JavaScriptSource Staff Mar 11, 2005
Use this script to create quizzes for tutorials, online classes, or other subjects.

Web Design Quiz

1. What does CSS stand for?
  • Colorful Style Symbols
  • Cascading Style Sheets
  • Computer Style Symbols
2. What does DHTML stand for?
  • Dramatic HTML
  • Design HTML
  • Dynamic HTML
3. Who created Javascript?
  • Microsoft
  • Netscape
  • Sun Micro Systems
4. What does CGI stand for?
  • Cascading Gate Interaction
  • Common GIF Interface
  • Common Gateway Interface

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it is very useful. how can we create random quiz???

maryam Feb 6, 2015

nice tutorial,simple and straight forward thanks.

fauziya Feb 2, 2015

thank u for your help.It will be very useful if random() function is applied using only javascript to select random questions.

uma Dec 18, 2008