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Always on Top Popup

Sandeep Gangadharan Nov 20, 2006


This script opens a floating layer popup. This technique allows the user to work in the main window while still being able to view the popup. The popup window will hover at the same spot where it opens, even if the user scrolls down the page.


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Check out script #17 on this page:[br /][br /]The cookie code can be incorporated into this script to get the functionality you need.

Sandeep Jan 4, 2008

Sounds good, Kat. That could be done with a cookie. Why not put something together and I'll post it with credit to you?

Lee Nov 13, 2007

I have a suggestion: How about if it opened by itself automatically, and can detect if you've seen it before, so it doesn't open again unless you come back to it another day?

Kat Nov 5, 2007

i tried ur source.its really nice.[br /]when i scroll the popup dosent scrolls automatically.[br /][br /]any solution is there?

murali Jul 4, 2007

Ross,[br /]Thanks. I made the change. We use a different loading procedure so I didn't catch that.

Lee Jan 3, 2007