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Alternate Table Row-List Item

Brent Graham Feb 13, 2008


Use this script to make your table data and list items easy to read. No need to hassle with listing each alternate row coloring. Very easy to use.

NameExt.Start date
Bloggs, Fred135308/18/2003
Turvey, Kevin234202/05/1979
Mbogo, Arnold275509/08/1998
Shakespeare, Bill321112/11/1961
Fitz, Marvin555405/22/1995


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Lee Jun 26, 2008

Code works a treat but would like to apply it to individual tables on a page i.e. Have two tables but want to apply it to only one of them.[br /][br /]I come from a background so JavaScript makes little sense to me.[br /][br /]Many thanks[br /][br /]Steve

Steve Feb 14, 2008