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Miscellaneous Scripts - Page 96

This section covers miscellaneous scripts, JavaScript libraries, and tools used in the creation of scripts. If a script didn't fit anywhere else, it's probably ended up here. General questions about these miscellaneous scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Text change on Mouseover
    Danny Jan 3, 1998

    This script changes text to bold when the mouse is placed over it. I'm sure you coulld make it do italics and stuff, but I haven't tried. Colpleat with automatic Script maker! Just enter your text and get the script.

  • Virus
    Stefan Jan 2, 1998

    A fun little virus

  • Changing the color of a link when mouse passes over!
    Brandon Jan 1, 1998

    This script is very easy and is very cool! It is also very short, no coding in the <HEAD> tag!