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Miscellaneous Scripts - Page 95

This section covers miscellaneous scripts, JavaScript libraries, and tools used in the creation of scripts. If a script didn't fit anywhere else, it's probably ended up here. General questions about these miscellaneous scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Got 2 mins??
    Jody Jan 25, 1998

    Won't crash unless you tell it to! But could u spare 30 seconds?

  • The Ultimate Scrollar Script
    Ryan Jan 25, 1998

    This is The ultimate Scrollar Script! When Someone Veiws your page a script will slide in the dialog box!

  • Just DON'T ASK WHY!!
    Jody Jan 24, 1998

    You may enter, but you should then leave...DON'T ask _w_h_y_!_!_

  • TOO LATE!!
    Jody Jan 24, 1998

    it will be TOO LATE once you enter this little NASTE TRAP. HA HA HA. (you will have to Ctrl+Alt+Del and close all browsers)

  • All-in-One Window Pop-Up
    Michael Jan 23, 1998

    Open and close other windows pop-ups with onload, ununload, links, buttons, and mouse-over.

  • Steve Miller's NetNavigator
    Steve Jan 23, 1998

    Click on the Button. A screen will pop up asking for a URL. Type one, click ok. A screen will show up displaying the site you are going to. REMEMBER: begin the URL with http://

  • Search Engine Script
    Anonymous Jan 22, 1998

    Script that let's you incorporate your own selection of search engines. These can be searched directly and individually through the page.

  • Add4Free. A JavaScript thats better then Add-Me, Add-IT, etc.
    Martin Jan 21, 1998

    This script will add your homepage to more then 200 Search Engines, Link pages etc.

  • Credit Card Checker 1.0
    Kasper Jan 20, 1998

    This JavaScript can check the algorithm of a credit card. Then post the output to a cgi-script or email. If you register, you'll also be able to get IP & DNS address of the users, who submits the form. Try the online version: http://free.prohosting.com/-ksk/cccheck.html

  • Numerous Alert Boxes
    Zach Jan 20, 1998

    "When a viewer loads a page, 5 alert boxes pop up and it's not enough to get them really mad but it's fun. All they say is, ""Hi"" ""Welcome to my page"" ""Email me"" ""have fun"" ""Is this annoying yet?"" It RULZ! Very cheezy though..."

  • Flex Window
    Mel Jan 19, 1998

    Pop up a new window and set its size ahead of time acording to the particular document you select to open in that window.

  • AshevilleDesktop.htm
    AshevilleOnline.Com Jan 18, 1998

    **VisualBasic Script** Buttons page for Windows95 users with default install. Access system functions and programs from buttons. Javascript soon to come.

  • Directory Search
    AshevilleOnline.Com Jan 18, 1998

    **Web bot** Place page in often used directories. Create shortcuts or a page of hyperlinks to each for fast access to directory for browsing.

  • URLQSParser1.1
    Rui Jan 18, 1998

    Update on URLQSParser 1. Now smartly parses the query string in search of boolean values.

  • Capo-Encrytion Version 2
    Robert Jan 17, 1998

    This version is a mildly updated one which is the best and most complete password protection script there is. Feel free to download and please give credit where it should be givin. Thanks!

  • Going to the dogs!
    Joan Jan 15, 1998

    We use this script to keep non-dog lovers off of our site! It sends them to kitty cyberspace!

  • Popup Script
    Anonymous Jan 15, 1998

    Script that enables you to provide brief information in popups. The script is written in Javascript and is easily customizable to your needs.

  • Dynamic link color changer
    Jari Jan 14, 1998

    A cool script which just changes the color of a link when moused over. for IE4.

  • Drive Viewer
    Jaguar2 Jan 13, 1998

    Lets ya see whats in c:/ :)

  • Mailing list
    Jaguar2 Jan 13, 1998

    Wrote this for a friend that needed a mailing list for a page, I did though find a better alternative

  • Default Status
    Mike Jan 12, 1998

    A compact script which changes the status (the text that appears when you move the mouse over a link) to whatever you want.

  • Change Background in Table using mouseOver
    Tsen Jan 10, 1998

    This incredibably simple technique allows you to change the background in a table using just a mouseOver command.

  • Resolution & Colour Depth Redirection
    Matt Jan 10, 1998

    Redirect visitors based on their resolution and colour depth. Works with generation 4 browsers only.

  • ie redirect
    Anonymous Jan 8, 1998

    if you are getting too many errors on netscape, try making a different version of your page for netscape and use this redirect script

  • Text change on Mouseover
    Danny Jan 3, 1998

    This script changes text to bold when the mouse is placed over it. I'm sure you coulld make it do italics and stuff, but I haven't tried. Colpleat with automatic Script maker! Just enter your text and get the script.