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Miscellaneous Scripts - Page 94

This section covers miscellaneous scripts, JavaScript libraries, and tools used in the creation of scripts. If a script didn't fit anywhere else, it's probably ended up here. General questions about these miscellaneous scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Welcome Forever
    Matt_The_Great Feb 12, 1998

    "When you click on a link that says ""click this link if you think that my page sucks"", it you open a page that is impossible to leave. If they go to a new url, it will come back and if they try to close their browser, it will pop open again. This is VERY cool. VOTE FOR ME!!!!"

  • Change Font Color
    Brent Feb 11, 1998

    Change color of text using mouseOver & mouseOuts

  • Dual Purpose Pop-Up Window
    LeD Feb 11, 1998

    Clicking on OK or CANCEL will open your sponsor windows, forcing the user to give you the pay-per-click bonus no matter which option they choose! Check it out and vote for me. See page for further details.

  • welcomes visitor by their name
    Jonathan Feb 9, 1998

    "(accually by jonathan liu) welcomes visitor by their name it gives an alert box that says. ""Welcome (who ever) to my site!"" It looks in your database to find your computer's name. the name is the (who ever). Name only works with netscape BUT it displays ""not using netscape 4.0+?"" instead of the name"

  • Bouncing Text
    THOMAS Feb 6, 1998

    Funny bouncing text in the window.status

  • Bouncing Text 2
    THOMAS Feb 6, 1998

    Another version of my cool bouncing text

  • Fade text script
    Mark Feb 6, 1998

    Basically what this does is take the color blue and fade it from blue to white on a given text of your choice. Modifiable. Please nominate me.

  • Text Writer
    THOMAS Feb 6, 1998

    Simple TextWriter with some cool stuffs

  • BlinkFast v1.0
    Sharp Feb 5, 1998

    Can't explain! Just try it! But beleve me, it's very attractive and cool!

  • Viewing Of Folders
    Anonymous Feb 5, 1998

    It can view your directories.

  • Browser ID
    Anonymous Feb 2, 1998

    Use this script to get browser identification for your page

  • Determine JavaScript Version
    Ray Feb 1, 1998

    Simple script that displays the version of JavaScript that your browser supports. Browsers that do not support JavaScript are also identified.

  • Last Modified
    Ryan Feb 1, 1998

    See when your page was last modified.

  • MrCoolK's Pasword ENCRYPTED protection
    Kenny Feb 1, 1998


  • Niksun's allSearch v1.1.1.98
    Niksun Feb 1, 1998

    The ultimate search engine. This version includes more search engines and also works with post form method. Search engines are in a neat drop-down list. Click on the engine of your choice, type in your query, and click on GO! Simple...

  • The Go To Drop Down Menu
    Ryan Feb 1, 1998

    To add this script on your page, just change the filenames and the titles and insert the following code using Notepad.

  • Welcome message alert!
    Brandon Feb 1, 1998

    You can specify some text and the person viewing your page will be promted with that text in a javascript alert then they will proceed to your page.

  • Advanced Web Site Search
    Anonymous Jan 29, 1998

    A variation to the search engine script found here by unknown author. Adds several advanced features that may be useful to others. Enjoy!

  • Link Fader
    Lefteris Jan 29, 1998

    This is a cool script. It will change the color of your links, constantly, fading from one color to another. You can select the colors and speed of fade. At the moment works only in IE4, but you wont get an error in any other browser!

  • Popup Script versie 1.1
    Anonymous Jan 28, 1998

    With this slightly altered script you can include pictures in the popup.

  • Calendar
    Alexander Jan 27, 1998

    Cool JavaScript Calendar

  • OverLoad Da Modem
    Anonymous Jan 26, 1998

    This awsome script sends all these different kinds of commands (over 300) to the modem to screw up so bad cause it tries to load ALL of them at once! I did this to my friend, now the guys modem is messed up! It also crashed his slow computer cause it couldn't handle all the Java!

  • COLOR HEXER v1.0
    Jody Jan 25, 1998

    enter red, green and then blue values...BACKGROUND CHANGES, if ya like it, copy the hex value!

  • Password Protect Your Site
    Ryan Jan 25, 1998

    When Someone tries to visit your site, It will ask them for a password. If they get it wrong they won't be able to veiw the site! Nominate Me!!!

  • Sponsor Script
    Steve Jan 25, 1998

    If you are sponsoring someone's page, have them insert this script into their page. It will open a separate window with a page you choose. This is so that visitors know you are sponsoring.