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Miscellaneous Scripts - Page 93

This section covers miscellaneous scripts, JavaScript libraries, and tools used in the creation of scripts. If a script didn't fit anywhere else, it's probably ended up here. General questions about these miscellaneous scripts here should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Changed Since Last Visit? Utility
    George Mar 1, 1998

    This is a script that will alert a visitor to your site if the page that they are viewing has changed since they were last there.

  • Encryption in Java
    Carl-Fredrik Mar 1, 1998

    This is a java program for encryption but it is not very good !

  • JavaScript in tables!!!!
    Ty Mar 1, 1998

    IT IS POSSIBLE!!! I have found a way to use JS in tables! You won't believe how simple it is! How about a nomination?!

  • User Info By Email 1.1
    Bains Feb 28, 1998

    Gets the users info and sends it through email

  • Link Explorer
    Lefteris Feb 27, 1998

    This is a script that uses the new Dynamic HTML elements to add descriptions for your links in Layers.A must be for the best homepages out there! In case you didnt figure, it works only in Netscape 4 and Internet Explorer 4 (since they are the only 2 browsers in the world wich support currently Dynamic HTML elements).Still you won't get an error if you access the script with an old browser!.Nominate the script if you like it/ use it. I also would appreciate if you add a link to my homepage.--Lef--

  • Password Script
    Anonymous Feb 27, 1998

    Multi-Password script.

  • Foolproof Password protection
    Danny Feb 25, 1998

    A password protection script that is virtually hack proof.

  • JavaScript Password System (JPS 1.0)
    Pete Feb 25, 1998

    The Javascript Password System (JPS) allows you to restrict access to your web pages by supplying "authorised" users with a password which they can use to view the protected pages. It works by using hidden directories on the web server and Javascript. So you need no web server (CGI) access at all to use it. The program can change the hidden directory on a regular basis without the need to supply your users with a new password.

  • Secret Text Link
    Danny Feb 24, 1998

    This script allows you to create a text link that not only looks normal, but when the mouse is put over it the cursor doesn't change.

  • ULTIMATE! Advanced User Info Script...
    DeathMstr Feb 23, 1998

    The most advanced and complete user info script...Displays ALL the user's info on the screen (Host name, IP address, Screen Size & Resolution, Complete browser & OS Info, Java compatibility, etc...) Compatible with IE, Netscape, and probably Opera...

  • Put Frame Document Title in Status Bar for Navigation Aide
    Anonymous Feb 20, 1998

    This simple addition to the <BODY> tag of any HTML document loaded in a frame solves the problem of not being able to dynamically update the title of the top window of a frameset by placing a frame document's title in the status bar upon loading the document or placing the mouse cursor in the frame, thus allowing a visitor to have some context of the frame they are looking at while also preserving the automatic change in status for hyperlinks. Simple, but elegant.

  • Credit Card Maker 1.0
    Kasper Feb 19, 1998

    This cool utility can generate credit card numbers, validate and/or fix them and extrapolate... Supported cards: Visa, MasterCard, EuroCard and Discover. Will only work in Netscape or Opera! Please nominate this one! I'm not responsible for what you're doing with this program!

  • FTP- Revision 2 Script for logging on to FTP servers that require a user name an
    Andrew Feb 19, 1998

    For FTP sites that need you to log with a user name and password without the need to use an external FTP application. Now includes a prompt box for passwords so it doesnt get cached!

  • FTP- Script for logging on to FTP servers that require user name and password
    Andrew Feb 18, 1998

    For FTP sites that need you to log with a user name and password without the need to use an external FTP application. Tested On: Netscape 3.04, Netscape 4.04, Internet Explorer 4.01

  • Pissed off button
    Mike Feb 17, 1998

    When you click this button...well...you get stuck! pretty KeWL eh? So .. play with your own risk

  • ULTIMATE! Advanced GuestBook
    DeathMstr Feb 16, 1998

    A very Java advanced personal guestbook..emails you the settings, while warning the user of mistakes....

  • Display A Random Message
    Troy Feb 15, 1998

    You can configure this script to display your own random messages.

  • multi-ip bans
    chris Feb 15, 1998

    like the host/ip ban posted earlier, but offers protection from multiple ip's

  • Redirect to Anywhere
    Tom Feb 15, 1998

    Exactly what the title says

  • ULTIMATE! Complete Encrypted Password Protection
    DeathMstr Feb 15, 1998

    Links a user using the password inputed to a site...pw is absolutely invisible in viewing source...i.e. userpw_access-pw.htm...COMPLETELY UNCRACKABLE *Hackers Tested & Approved...*

  • Multi-User Netscape Debugger
    """Kamikazi""" Feb 13, 1998

    "Using the ""user info by mail"" I created a handy script that will mail a selected person info on a browser. We use it to find errant netscape settings very easily!"

  • To Many Windows
    AshevilleOnline.Com Feb 13, 1998

    Opens and minimizes an infinite number of windows. Must use the ctrl-alt-delete or powerdown to stop.How many windows before you panic?

  • Loop
    Mike Feb 12, 1998

    This web page just won't quit... :)

  • Popped-Up Window w/ Frameset
    Paul Feb 12, 1998

    "Needs specific html file in one of the frames. Working version works on Netscape 3, 4, and IE 4. If you want to have it work on IE 3, remove ""setTimeout"" function. Main pages you need are 'index.html' and 'set.html'."

  • Simple Password script
    Anonymous Feb 12, 1998

    A simple password script that redirects you to any page you want if you get it wrong. Please nominate.