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Weight Watchers Points Calculator

JavaScriptSource Staff May 2, 2007


Are you designing a diet Web site? Are you using the Weight Watchers Points plan to lose weight? If so, this little calculator might just come in handy. A simple but quick method to figure WW points.



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You would paste the script into a file named "wwCalc.js". Then, place a link to it as shown under the "Head" tab. Make sure the path to the script is correct.

Lee Oct 31, 2008

Im having problems with the external file portion of this.[br /]Ive never done this before, how do i make an external file?[br /]I am trying to put this on my blogger blog.[br /]I got the head and body portion, which showed up on my blog, but didnt work.[br /]Thanks for the help!

gina Mar 6, 2008

Thanks. It should work correctly now.

Lee Nov 7, 2007

This calculator is incorrect. The fiber maxes out at 4 grams. This fiber one bar that I am calculating is actually 2 points not just 1. The fiber on the bar says 9 grams, but I can only count 4.

Keri Sep 20, 2007

I LOVE THIS. It is the only accurate one on the web that is free. WW is trying to ban them all so I am writing down values as fast as I can compute them THANKS you.

Beth Jul 6, 2007