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Roman Numeral Converter 2

Kurt Grigg Dec 13, 2006


This script will convert whole numbers to Roman numerals, up to 3,999,999. Easy to use.

Numbers To Roman Numerals Converter
Enter a number from 1 to 3,999,999


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Peter,[br /]Check the case names in your functions. Object required in JavaScript generally means you've got the case wrong on a function name. If that's not it, you would have to provide a link to your page or more information.

Lee Jan 3, 2007

I really like your script. However, I was unable to get it to work on my site with the code provided. I was getting an "Object required" error on line 78 which had the following line...[p]temp.removeChild(temp.lastChild);[p]I figured out that this is simply because in your sample code you left out a space in the converteroutput span on the page...[p]<span id="converteroutput"></span>[p]If there is nothing between the tags, you get an error. By simply putting in a space...[p]<span id="converteroutput">&nbsp;</span>[p]It works fine. I just thought you or anyone who wants to use this code would want to know.[p]Thanks,

Bob Dec 18, 2006

This script doesn't work on my PC I get a message[br /]Line: 82[br /]Char: 4[br /]Error: Object Required[br /]Code: 0[br /]Any ideas what's going on please - I'd really like to use this script

Peter Dec 16, 2006

Hi there, I tried to put the Roman Numeral Converter 2 on my blog, on the sidebar, but it's failing to pick up the javascript for some reason. I have the absolute file path referenced in the header. Any ideas why this would be happening?

Rick Dec 13, 2006