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Latitude-Longitude Converter

Joe Ho Nov 11, 2005
Convert latitude and longitude from degree decimal to degree, minutes, and seconds and vice versa. This script will also find the farthest point from the point entered, as well as the distance.
Degrees Decimal
Latitude   :   North South
Longitude:   East   West  

Degrees, Minutes, & Seconds
Degrees:   Minutes:
Seconds:   North   South
Degrees:   Minutes:
Seconds:   East      West

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This script is great, however, I need a script which will convert decimal degrees (xx.xxxx,-yy.yyyy) to a format like this: lat="N18 02.600333" lon="W63 06.758945" I don't know what format this is called; but it's needed for a flight simulation program. Please, can you help me out with one which converts accurately, please?

trennor Feb 2, 2013

Needed to convert lat long into degree

Ahmed Nov 15, 2012