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Kili Scientific Calculator

Saad Ramadhan Oct 25, 2004

The Kili calculator has all the basic operations ie. addition, subtraction, division, mod and multiplication. You can also calculate percentage, square root(sqrt),inverse of a number(1/x), raise a number to a power(x^y), square a number(x^2), raise a number to power three(x^3). The three trigonometric functions(sin,cos,tan) are supported and you can also do the inverse trigonometry(Asin,Acos,Atan). The angle can either be in radians or in degrees. You can do the natural log(ln) of a number or get back at a number if you know the natural log by using the exponent function(e^x). There is a function for computing the log to base ten of a number(log). The more complex functions are factorial(n!), permutation(nPr) and combination(nCr). You can do factorial of any number less than or equal to 170. The same applies for permutation and combination. To cap it all there are three memory locations M1, M2 and M3 in which you can store a number and this number will remain so long as the page is not closed and the MC button is not clicked. When there is a number stored in a location the button caption changes to indicate that. MC will clear all memory locations.

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