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Math Related Scripts - Page 5

Many of these scripts deal with JavaScript calculators. They either serve a specific purpose or are just general calculators. Other scripts listed here deal with JavaScript equivalents. They convert from one unit to another in many categories - acceleration, power, and velocity, just to name a few.

  • Client Statistics Version1.0
    Admin_Shock Jan 18, 2003

    This script shows a user his/her statistics, including IP, autoexe.bat, the C Drive on Windows, the User Agent, Browser Statistices and more.

  • Times Tables
    Lucas Cardellini Jan 18, 2003

    Are your kids having trouble learning times tables? This little script may be just what you're looking for.

  • Calculator
    Kelly Johnson Nov 9, 2002

    A calculator that breaks down the different equations into different sections of the form.

  • Infix to Postfix
    Premshree Pillai Aug 30, 2002

    "Do you hate algebra. I know I do, that's why I like this new ""JavaScript"" Implementation of converting an Infix(Inorder) expression to Postfix(Postorder) expression."

  • Double StopWatch 2
    Kinika Tasie-Amadi Aug 7, 2002

    This script uses two stopwatches,one in seconds and one in ms. You can take snapshot of the time (while counting continues in the background). Based on high-quality easy-to-use javascript class.

  • Convert and Calculate
    Mike Aug 6, 2002

    This conversion script has more conversions than you can shake a stick. More than sixty conversions and a calculator too.

  • Checkbox Calculator
    Ville Leivo Jul 18, 2002

    This script is just a simple checkbox calculator. Works great as a shopping cart. Values for the checkboxes are defined in the .js code.

  • JSChart Graph Creator
    Craig Hoover May 8, 2002

    Creates a bar chart horizontally or vertically with criteria you specify. Is completely compatible with all browsers.

  • Fahrenheit to Cel. Converter
    Lav Mir Apr 30, 2002

    This script will convert celsius to fahrenheit or fahrenheit to celsius, all you have to do is fill in the prompts and the conversion will appear in an alert box!

  • High-Tech Calculator
    Kenny Aral Apr 26, 2002

    This calculator can do everything! Besides the basic functions: add, subtract, multiply, and divide. It can take the reciprocal, cos, sin, and tan of a number, square root, and has special square and cube buttons. Also does any power of a number you want, and looks great at the same time.

  • Astrological Calculator
    Timothy Joko-Veltman Mar 21, 2002

    A handy calculator that will calculate both your Western and Chinese birth Signs. Enter the day, month, and year of your birth - or your date's - and instantly figure out if you (or they) are a Gemini born in the Year of the Ox, or a Year of the Rabbit/Cat Aquarius. The calculator will also return customizable funny messages if the user inputs an impossible date (ie, February 30 or December 32).

  • JS Invoice with Math
    Terry Lyman Mar 20, 2002

    Invoice, Billing

  • Calculator
    Ali Sufyan Mar 1, 2002

    Most simple calculator with sleeky codes.

  • """Dragable"" Calculator"
    Daniel Alloway Feb 21, 2002

    A Calculator that you can drag around the screen!

  • Bar Chart
    Shaji Kalidasan Feb 1, 2002

    A Bar Chart Without Images. No license & Copyright. Free to use.

  • Convert Customary Units - length
    Jeff LeMieux Jan 28, 2002

    Convert customary measures of length (miles, yards, etc.) within the customary system.

  • Factor Pairs
    Jeff LeMieux Jan 28, 2002

    Find all the factor pairs for any given integer.

  • Linear Equation from two points
    Jeff LeMieux Jan 28, 2002

    Find the linear equation in the form y=mx+b from two coordinate graph points.

  • Metric Conversions
    Jeff LeMieux Jan 28, 2002

    Performs metric conversions within the metric system.

  • Prime Factors/Factors
    Jeff LeMieux Jan 28, 2002

    List all the factors AND the prime factors of an integer.

  • Vectors in Javascript (And a Snake Game)
    Tendor Branson Jan 17, 2002

    Vectors are arrays. Game shows use of Vectors.

  • How Long
    Paul Hartmann Jan 11, 2002

    Find how long in years and days between today and any date past or future. How long since Elvis died? How long till Christmas? Will not accept invalid dates such as February 30. Assumes the usual Gregorian calendar in common use. IE only.

  • Geometry Tools
    Thanatos Jan 10, 2002

    This script has two Geometry calculator. One that finds the midpoint of a line, and the other finds the distance of one line.

  • Miles Per Gallon2
    Paul Hartmann Jan 8, 2002

    Do you think of fuel consumption in miles per gallon, but have to buy your fuel in liters? This script will figure your miles per gallon for you. Enter miles traveled and liters used and the conversion is done for you. (Imperial gallons are used, not US gallons.) IE only.

  • EniG. Scientific Calculator
    Eni Generalic Dec 17, 2001

    Sci.Calc is a fully-functioning scientific calculator that contain of practically any common and many advanced calculator functions.