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Math Related Scripts - Page 4

Many of these scripts deal with JavaScript calculators. They either serve a specific purpose or are just general calculators. Other scripts listed here deal with JavaScript equivalents. They convert from one unit to another in many categories - acceleration, power, and velocity, just to name a few.

  • Graphs Primes Determinants
    avron polakow Jun 24, 2004

    "This ""Math Pack"" shows the mathematical prowess and displays the drawing capabilities of JavaScript and here is used to plot graphs (without vml)."

  • Area/Volume Generator
    Craig Blanchette Jun 21, 2004

    Need to find the area or circumference of a circle, the area of a rectangle, or the volume of a cylinder? This cool script will find it for you. In addition to the answer, it also gives all the steps needed to solve the equation. (The answer is rounded off.) Pretty cool!

  • Number of Primes
    Edemar Oliveira May 26, 2004

    The script implements the seive of Erastotenes. It finds all the prime numbers up to one determined value.

  • JavaScript Quiz 2
    Kamran Riaz May 10, 2004

    A simple and effective JavaScript quiz that calculates and displays detailed results. In this example, two questions are asked but users may add as many questions as they like.

  • JavaScript Quiz 3
    May 10, 2004

    A simple and effective JavaScript quiz that calculates and displays detailed results. In this example, two questions are asked but users may add as many questions as they like.

  • Dynamic Calculator
    Richard Hucko May 7, 2004

    "This ""Dynamic Calculator"" is fully functional and can be moved around the screen by clicking and dragging (IE and Opera only). Basic functions will work in Gecko-based browsers(Netscape and Mozilla) and the interface will render a little differently."

  • JS Contest Stopwatch
    Joshua Brickner May 7, 2004

    This script is a full featured stopwatch that can be used for contests with two players. It calculates time to the hundredths of a second all the way up to minutes.

  • Calculator
    Hamad Belshalat May 4, 2004

    This script is a calculator with many tools including all the basics, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percents and more.

  • Divisible Numbers Script
    Hamad Belshalat Mar 22, 2004

    This JavaScript tells you what your number is divisible by. Simply put your number in the box and click the button.

  • The Fast Multiplication Value
    Hamad Belshalat Feb 18, 2004

    This script handles basic mulitplication only. If you've got a need to do some serious multiplying this is the one for you.

  • Pi Machine
    Ben Joffe Feb 4, 2004

    This code will calculate the surface area and volume of cones, spheres or cylinders of any dimensions as well as circle circumference and surface areas.

  • Roman Numeral Converter 4
    Ben Joffe Feb 2, 2004

    Convert Arabic numerals to roman numerals with the click of a button. Numbers work up to the tens of billions.

  • JS Handy Calculator
    Alexander Wu Dec 24, 2003

    This is a calculator with handy basic functionsfor use on your site. This calculator has better controls to avoid unwanted reactions to unusual button pressing.

  • Area Calculator
    DTC Oct 28, 2003

    This script is an Area Calculator that will work out the area for several 2D shapes. The simple interface is easy to use.

  • Cricket Average Calculator v2.1
    Kim Bratzel Aug 16, 2003

    With the Cricket Average Calculator you can find the amount of runs you have made, runs hit against you, number of times dismissed and the amount of wickets you have taken. A very nice tool for Cricket players.

  • Random Prime Number Generator
    Jeff Suzuki Aug 15, 2003

    This script generates a random prime number between two given limits.

  • Number Game
    Matthew Jul 30, 2003

    This is JavaScript fun! This game resembles Missile Command with a twist. The cursor has a math problem on it and you have to match it up to the correct sum.

  • Waiting Time Statistics Calculator
    Raoul Selsick Jul 24, 2003

    "I wonder when my machine will crash again? Now using the this simple script I can see how long statistically speaking I will have to wait. I'm sure it won't be long. "

  • Realtime Death Counter 2.01
    Peter Gehrig Jul 10, 2003

    "This script displays the deaths caused by 69 different causes happening right now in realtime all over the world. All information based on statistics provided by the World Health Organization."

  • Compound Interest Calculator
    M Tesfaye Jul 3, 2003

    This calculator script calculates compound interest given a principal value, interest rate and time and produces a schedule of payments table.

  • Common Factors Calculator
    Tom McComb Jun 11, 2003

    Enter two integers, then click the button. You will be given a list of common integer factors of the two numbers!

  • CHMOD Calculator
    Alt3rn4tiv3 Apr 26, 2003

    The CHMOD calculator is a nice utility if you are unfamiliar with CHMOD values. Just check the boxes and you get the value.

  • Elapsed Time Calculator
    David Tam Apr 22, 2003

    This script computes and displays the elapsed time between "Start" and "Finish" button clicks.

  • Quadratic Equation Solver
    Aaron Coffey Apr 14, 2003

    This script will solve a quadratic equation for you.

  • Commercial Calculator
    Thierry Denele Feb 17, 2003

    "This is a commercial calculator for bureau/commerce counts. It also incorporates some functions on taxes and conversions"