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Math Related Scripts - Page 3

Many of these scripts deal with JavaScript calculators. They either serve a specific purpose or are just general calculators. Other scripts listed here deal with JavaScript equivalents. They convert from one unit to another in many categories - acceleration, power, and velocity, just to name a few.

  • Decimal Inch Fractions Converter
    Jeff LeMieux Jul 27, 2005

    Convert your calculator's decimal inch answer to standard 16ths for measuring.

  • Random Bar Chart
    Keith Hendler Jul 25, 2005

    Use JavaScript to dynamically generate a bar chart.

  • Prime Number Searcher
    Bas Rosier Jul 25, 2005

    This script will find and display all the prime numbers up to a user-determined number.

  • Array Randomizer
    Eric Hood Jul 21, 2005

    Example of how to randomize an array.

  • Base Converter
    agitprop_mainman Jul 18, 2005

    Converts a decimal number into any base system from binary to B89.

  • BetterCalculator 1.2
    Jim Anderson Jul 18, 2005

    BetterCalculator 1.2 is a freeware Javascript calculator with MEMORY screen, built in HELP screens and NEW WINDOW function.

  • Mayan Long Term Calendar
    Claude Clement Jul 14, 2005

    This calendar displays the time of physical existence we have remaining, according to the Mayan long time calendar. It can easily be changed into a countdown to some other date.

  • BetterCalculator 1.2 2
    Jim Anderson Jul 1, 2005

    A calculator with memory screen, built-in help screens, and new window function.

  • GCD/LCM Calculator
    Seamus Yim Jun 15, 2005

    This calculator can quickly determine the Greatest Common Factor and Least Common Multiplier between two or three numbers.

  • Metric BMI Calculator
    Bob Mason Jun 10, 2005

    Use this script to calculate your BMI (Body Mass Index). Measurements are computed using the metric system. A perfect addition for a health Web site.

  • Prime Number Tester
    Abraham Joffe Jun 3, 2005

    Calculate whether or not a number is prime and break it into its prime factors. Also includes a loading bar for large numbers.

  • Credit Card Payoff Calculator
    Jeremy Zongker May 11, 2005

    Calculate the monthly payment or number of months to pay off a credit card debt using the remaining balance and interest rate.

  • Simple Hockey Scoreboard
    Stewart May 7, 2005

    Here is a simple scoreboard intended for hockey, but it can be used for other sports too.

  • Engine Displacement Finder
    D D Mar 17, 2005

    Type the liters of the engine and find the cubic inches, or the other way around. Handy if you're shopping for a new vehicle.

  • Chmod Calculator 2
    Peter Crouch Feb 11, 2005

    Use this calculator to configure the correct permission settings for your CGI files.

  • Base Converter
    Steve S Jan 8, 2005

    "A base converter. Just type a valid positive number in any one of the boxes and click outside the box. The equivalent will appear in the other boxes. "

  • Length Converter
    Steve S Jan 8, 2005

    "Convert units from one to another. Simply choose the unit you want to use, type the value in the field next to it, and click the 'Convert' button. "

  • Simple Shopping Cart
    Steve S Jan 8, 2005

    "This will allow your visitors to choose from a list of priced items. The script will tally the items, add the tax and send the order to you. "

  • 16 function Scientific Calculator
    Denis Makarov Dec 6, 2004

    One more calculator for use with higher math functions that includes extended capabilities. One of the advantages of this calculator is a simple input format even for the most complicated scientific formulas.

  • Advanced Calculator 2
    Haroon Sarwar Nov 9, 2004

    This is a very sharp looking advanced calculator made using JavaScript and HTML.

  • Kili Scientific Calculator
    Saad Ramadhan Oct 25, 2004

    "Kili is a calculator that will perform the simple calculations plus a number of more advanced computations like factorials, permutations, combinations, logs, exponents and you can choose to perform trigonometry in either radians or degrees. In addition, there are three memory locations which can be cleared by one button click."

  • Bandwidth Calculator
    Oct 8, 2004

    Confused about the various units used to calculate bandwidth, and their equivalent in another unit? Use this bandwidth calculator to instantly figure it out! Just enter a number, select the unit of input, and this script shows its equivalent in the four standard units of bandwidth (Bytes, Kilobytes, Megabytes, and Gigabytes).

  • Instance Counter
    Philip Peterson Sep 23, 2004

    It looks like a word counter, but it's more. This script is useful for detecting how many times a phrase, letter, or word appears in any kind of text. Add the text to the field and click the "count" button.

  • Amortization Calculator
    Paul Baggethun Aug 23, 2004

    Use this script to help figure out your mortgage payments. It takes the percentage rate, principal and the length of the loan and produces a payment schedule. The accuracy and applicability of this calculator is not guaranteed, actual values may vary slightly.

  • Calculator v2.0
    Hamad Belshalat Aug 21, 2004

    With the newer verion of my Calculator you can create new buttons.