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Math Related Scripts - Page 2

Many of these scripts deal with JavaScript calculators. They either serve a specific purpose or are just general calculators. Other scripts listed here deal with JavaScript equivalents. They convert from one unit to another in many categories - acceleration, power, and velocity, just to name a few.

  • Roman Numeral Converter 2
    Kurt Grigg Dec 13, 2006

    This script will convert whole numbers to Roman numerals, up to 3,999,999. Easy to use.

  • Training Heart Rate
    Larry Wiley Oct 23, 2006

    This script will help you calculate your training heart rate. That figure is used to determine the target zone for aerobic training.

  • Gain in Percent Calculator
    Sandeep Gangadharan Jun 9, 2006

    Calculate the percentage of increase/decrease between two units. A simple, effective script.

  • Circumference Calculator
    Lee Underwood May 19, 2006

    Find out the circumference of a circle by entering its radius. Very simple!

  • Calculate the Page Load Time
    Thai Cao Phong Apr 18, 2006

    With JavaScript and little creativeness, you can calculate the time it takes to load your pages.

  • Byte Converter
    Mar 27, 2006

    Use this script to convert bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, and gigabytes. Quick and easy to use.

  • Amazing Quadratic Equation Solver
    Ben Kanaev Mar 15, 2006

    This script will factor and solve for both values of X, any quadratic equation that has real number solutions.

  • Compounding Interest Calculator
    Jeremy Zongker Feb 27, 2006

    This compounding interest calculator can show your visitors how much they can save for retirement or other purpose. It also provides your users with the ability of viewing an amortization schedule showing what they will earn during each month. You can easily adjust the style section to make it match your site's color scheme.

  • Inches and Centimeters
    Delan Ahmad Jan 30, 2006

    Change inches to centimeters and back using this short, sweet script. Very easy to use, just type in the number and click!

  • Field Depth Calculator
    Jan 5, 2006

    For all you photography enthusiasts out there, this script makes it a breeze to determine the field depth and amount that will be in focus in a photograph. Includes other measurements such as nearest and furthest points of focus, too.

  • Chemistry Calculator
    Kim Bratzel Jan 4, 2006

    Using basic theory and this calculator, you can quickly find the answers to your chemistry stoichiometry equations.

  • Air Distances
    Steve S Dec 8, 2005

    Shows air distances between selected world cities.

  • Fraction Calculator
    Matthew Roy Dec 2, 2005

    A fraction calculator that performs addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division on two fractions. It also reduces the result to the lowest terms.

  • Weight Converter
    Steve S Nov 23, 2005

    This script creates a weight converter that can convert five different units at one time.

  • Floating Calculator
    James Crooke Nov 23, 2005

    It's a calculator that floats on the page. Drag it around and use it the same way you would the normal Windows calculator. Nice looking too!

  • Latitude-Longitude Converter
    Joe Ho Nov 11, 2005

    Convert latitude and longitude from degree decimal to degree, minutes, and seconds and vice versa. This script will also find the farthest point from the point entered, as well as the distance.

  • JS Invoice with Math
    Terry Lyman Nov 4, 2005

    JS Invoice with Math

  • The A*C Grapher
    Aaron Connelly Nov 4, 2005

    This script creates a simple bar graph based on your inputs. The colors of the bars are customizable.

  • Bi-Directional Resistance Calc
    Curt Turner Sep 28, 2005

    Calculates resistance from colors and colors from resistance, each with image-based output. Both color and numeric interfaces function as input and output.

  • User Details
    Steve S Sep 22, 2005

    "This is an advanced script which, in addition to ""standard"" information like a user's browser, defines a used API too. In Netscape it works incorrectly."

  • Functional Calculator
    Sep 2, 2005

    Provides all the basic functions, including finding the square root. A small but powerful script!

  • Add Comas To Numeric Items
    Steve S Aug 17, 2005

    This JavaScript adds commas in the proper places. It was originally developed to convert data in the format nnnn, nnnn., or nnnn.nn into a proper currency (US) amount, so it also adds a dollar sign to the front.

  • Gasoline Usage Calculator
    Matthew Ogden Aug 12, 2005

    Trying to keep track of gasoline expenses? This script calculates how many miles you are getting per gallon - per day and per year. It also calculates the amount spent per year and how much CO2 your car is producing.

  • Calculator for Easter Sunday
    Matthew Ogden Aug 8, 2005

    Use this script to figure out when Easter Sunday will be in a given year. The timing of the holiday depends on the full moon.

  • Quadratic Formula (update)
    Elvin Gibson Aug 1, 2005

    Solves Quadratic Formula