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Math Related Scripts - Page 16

Many of these scripts deal with JavaScript calculators. They either serve a specific purpose or are just general calculators. Other scripts listed here deal with JavaScript equivalents. They convert from one unit to another in many categories - acceleration, power, and velocity, just to name a few.

  • Quadratic Equation Solver
    Adam Oct 6, 1998

    Solves quadratic equations!

  • Number of Msg, Until x is Reached
    FrAnCe Sep 10, 1998

    For example, 3 messages left, 2 messages left, but you don't have to type it.

  • Triangle Resolver
    Edgar Sep 8, 1998

    Resolves practically any kind of triangle (looks and works correctly only in IE).

  • Your Age in Dog Years
    Anonymous Aug 25, 1998

    See your age in dog years!

  • Updater
    Dave Aug 22, 1998

    When people look at your site, it looks like you have updated that day and so on......

  • Multiply/Divide Script
    Anonymous Jul 16, 1998

    Multiply and divide script. Does not work with decimals.

  • Trigonometric Functions Calculator
    Edgar Jul 16, 1998

    Calculates the six basic trigonometric functions of radians and angles with minutes and seconds.

  • Browser and referring page checker.
    Scott Jul 3, 1998

    This script tells the users browser and the page they came from to get to your page.

  • See if your ICQ friends are online
    Anonymous Jun 24, 1998

    This script will tell if your friend is logged on ICQ with a simple script that tells you if they are online.

  • Computer Info 4.01 learn a little 'bout your PC
    Anonymous May 8, 1998

    Learn Your ISP, how many pixels x pixels on your screen, Your browser name/codename, browser version, computer platform (like Win 95), and give it your name and it will call you by your name - Cup o' Java

  • Get URL of Another Frame
    Anonymous May 4, 1998

    Use one frame to retrieve the URL of another frame on the same server.

  • Countdown
    Damian Apr 30, 1998

    Displays countdown to whatever you want to count down. A little tweaking is required to get what you want to count in there.

  • Survey Script
    cody Apr 28, 1998

    This script asks the user a variety of questions. Then it uses the information to construct sentences about the user.

  • Where did you come from (Version 2)
    Branko Apr 20, 1998

    This is the second, more interactive version that tells what browser the user is using and more, by pressing a button

  • Distance Calculator
    Michael Apr 14, 1998

    This calculator finds the distance from College Park, MD (or any other coordinates) to any place on Earth (IE4.0 only so far).

  • Operating System and Browser Detection
    Chris Apr 11, 1998

    Simple script which combines OS and browser detection and writes them to an HTML page (or assigns a value to them)

  • Forget Ugly Browser Messages -- Have It Displayed In The Status Bar
    Anonymous Apr 1, 1998

    Identifies browser when put over image and goes to specific URL depending on browser ... great to help make your page customized for their browser! Nominate Me!

  • Calculate Your GPA
    Douglas Mar 30, 1998

    This script will calculate your Grade Point Average using the weighted average method used in most universities.

  • Where did you come from???
    Branko Mar 28, 1998

    This script tells you which site you were linked from

  • Where did you come from
    Branko Mar 24, 1998

    This simple script tells the user which site he was linked to your page from

  • Trig Calculator
    mak Mar 17, 1998

    Great calculator for trig calculations...

  • Tonyz JS Calculator
    bushido Mar 12, 1998

    This is a very advanced piece of work. Multiple memory banks, scientific functions, keyboard control. Check it out :p!

  • Troy's Integral Approximation Thingy!
    Troy Feb 23, 1998

    Use this application to integrate a function f (z) using left endpoint approximation, right endpoint approximation, the Trapezoid Rule, Midpoint Rule, and Simpson's Rule. Includes examples.

  • Their info
    AshevilleOnline.Com Feb 13, 1998

    Page insert that tells the users platform and cpu class,app.code name,app.minor version,browser name, and browser version

  • JavaScript Multiplication Table
    Trippy Feb 6, 1998

    Just what it says: A multiplication table made with JavaScript. It's neat, check it out!