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Math Related Scripts - Page 14

Many of these scripts deal with JavaScript calculators. They either serve a specific purpose or are just general calculators. Other scripts listed here deal with JavaScript equivalents. They convert from one unit to another in many categories - acceleration, power, and velocity, just to name a few.

  • Another Calculator
    Anonymous May 11, 1999

    The great thing about this script is that you get that nice visual without any images. It's all self-contained! by

  • Area of a Triangle
    Anonymous May 11, 1999

    What more needs to be said? Use this to get through that math class. by DaBomb

  • Celsius to Fahrenheit
    Anonymous May 11, 1999

    And back again! by

  • Celsius to Fahrenheit 2
    Anonymous May 11, 1999

    I can't tell you how often I've tried to figure Celsius to Fahrenheit in my head. Now I have this, and now you do, too!

  • Power Calculator
    Anonymous May 11, 1999

    Figure the power of any number! by Tom Richardson Jr.

  • Running Calculator
    Anonymous May 11, 1999

    I personally try to avoid running, but some of you may partake, so here's a calculator script to tell you how you're doing! by

  • Solve for X
    Anonymous May 11, 1999

    This one will get you through high school algebra! by Tom Richardson Jr.

  • Super JavaScript Calculator
    Anonymous May 11, 1999

    May be the best JS calulator available! by Tom Richardson Jr.

  • System Info Version 4.0
    Jeff May 11, 1999

    This is a new edition to my system info script that includes all current versions of Netscape up to 5.0, all versions of IE, and AOL. It will also determine status of cookies if you use IE.

  • Binary Number Converter
    Paul May 9, 1999

    Takes a very large (32bit) or small whole number and converts it to binary (base 2).

  • Mjozsi's Basic Calculator
    Jozsef May 2, 1999

    Small, basic calculator with lots of features: Counts value of formula in right priority order (use parentheses). Also writes messages in English & Hungarian (works best in MSIE 4.0).

  • Circle Circumference
    Anonymous Apr 11, 1999

    This one uses pi. Mmmmmm... pie... by Sam S. Lachterman

  • Count It
    Anonymous Apr 11, 1999

    You put in a number and the script counts up to it. Useless - but fun by

  • Pythagorean Theorem
    Anonymous Apr 11, 1999

    A squared plus B squared equals C squared. This little script will bear me out by DaBoMB

  • Sine
    Anonymous Apr 11, 1999

    What's your sine? by

  • Slope
    Anonymous Apr 11, 1999

    You give this script four input points and it figures the slope of the line by

  • Tangent
    Anonymous Apr 11, 1999

    All you triangle fans out there will love this one by

  • The Areas
    Anonymous Apr 11, 1999

    Need to find an area? This is your script by

  • Pytagoras' Theorem
    Augusto Apr 10, 1999

    Look at this script and calculate the measures of some right triangles.

  • Multiple Engine Search
    Arcasha Apr 2, 1999

    Choose search engine you want to search from & this will search for you. Visit my site at

  • Primesearch
    Jozsef Apr 2, 1999

    Two-language-based script finds prime numbers up to user-defined value. Msgs in Hungarian & English.

  • Prime Factorization
    Ariel Mar 26, 1999

    Finds prime factorization of any number &/or tells if it is prime (numbers must be <17 digits for JavaScript accuracy).

  • Quadratic Formula Multifunction Calculator
    Omair Mar 21, 1999

    Solves any quadratic equation w/ quadratic formula & solves any quadratic equation for Vertex & graphing points.

  • Addition/Multiplication Flashcards
    Unkle Mar 16, 1999

    Generates random addition or multiplication problem depending on which page you're in & generates new problem after time limit you set (time limits can be changed).

  • Very Simple Calculator
    Anonymous Mar 13, 1999

    Add, subtract, multiply, & divide.