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Math Related Scripts

Many of these scripts deal with JavaScript calculators. They either serve a specific purpose or are just general calculators. Other scripts listed here deal with JavaScript equivalents. They convert from one unit to another in many categories - acceleration, power, and velocity, just to name a few.

  • BetterCalculator7 by Jim Anderson
    Jim Anderson May 23, 2012

    BetterCalculator 7 Freeware updated 5/21/2012 This Calculator was first developed in 2005 out of neccessity. Many, many hours of coding have gone into it's development. At that time, it was the best looking and most practical Calculator available on any computer. As new operating systems have developed, I've tried to keep pace. As of this update, it works fine on my Windows7 system. This is my contribution to mankind. Please feel free to use it and make it available for others to enjoy. No, I'm not a computer geek... -Jim Anderson-

  • Triangular Numbers by Upali Jinatissa
    Upali Jinatissa Apr 15, 2012

    Triangular Numbers

  • Oh it's nothing. by Bob Joe
    Bob Joe Mar 30, 2012

    Just made for me and a couple of my friends.

  • Amortization Calculator
    Scott Clark Oct 3, 2010

    Use this script to help figure out your mortgage payments.

  • Byte Converter
    Scott Clark Mar 3, 2010

    Convert bytes, kilobytes, megabytes, and gigabytes.

  • Magic Squares
    Scott Clark Mar 3, 2010

    Here is a fun JavaScript game. Get the squares back in order and you win!

  • Hostname
    Scott Clark Sep 23, 2009

    Shows your site's visitor's hostname.

  • Mouse Position Script
    Roy Marchand May 14, 2009

    Use this script to determine the mouse position on your page.

  • Roman Numeral Converter
    Kurt Grigg Jan 28, 2009

    Use this script to convert regular old numbers to Roman numerals.

  • Loan Repayment Calculator
    Morley Computing Jan 7, 2009

    This calculator provides a method of comparing compound and flat rates of interest.

  • Math Related : Hex-to-RGB Conversion
    Alexei Kourbatov Dec 19, 2008

    Use this script to convert a hex color string to numeric RGB values of the same color. Great for matching colors. Easy to implement!

  • Math Related : Quartic Equation Solver
    Brian Kieffer Jun 11, 2008

    This script can solve quartic equations in the form of ax^4 + bx+3 + cx^2 + dx + e = 0.

  • Math Related : Credit Card Debt Calculator
    Chris Crenshaw May 30, 2008

    This script will calculate how long it will take to pay off credit card debt. It will also calculate the total interest that will be paid over that same period.

  • Calc4Chem
    Eni Generalic Mar 12, 2008

    This calculator can be used as a common scientific calculator (sin, cos, log, power, root, memory). However, it also includes a molecular weight calculator and the tables with various physical and chemical constants. The calculator contains a list with task history, storing all the recent inputs and results. Scientific calculator displays the numbers rounded to a user-specified number of decimal places. A very advanced calculator but easy to implement.

  • Math Related : Improved Fibonacci Sequence
    Ben Clarke Feb 4, 2008

    This script displays a Fibonacci sequence up to a certain number of calculations. It uses a lookup array to offset the large, recursive calculations needed to calculate large numbers, and is not too processor intensive. It is precise to 32 bits (78 iterations), after which the JavaScript interpreter rolls bits over.

  • Download Calculator
    Gabrielle Gayheart Sep 19, 2007

    This calculator estimates how long it will take to download a file using several different connection types and speeds. Easy to use and adaptable. Try it out!

  • 8 function Calculator
    john Jun 22, 2007

    8 function calculator with +, -, /, and X capabilities.

  • Celestial Canadian Sovereignty with Territories Calculator
    William Chinnick May 24, 2007

    A calculator form for finding provincial population and capitals and flowers as well for star-gazers of confederation a Greek calender.

  • Geometric Properties of a Triangle
    Sandeep Gangadharan May 14, 2007

    This script enables users to find out areas of a triangle if the three sides are known. Moreover it finds out the areas of the largest and smallest inscribed circle.

  • Weight Watchers Points Calculator
    May 2, 2007

    Are you designing a diet Web site? Are you using the Weight Watchers Points plan to lose weight? If so, this little calculator might just come in handy. A simple but quick method to figure WW points.

  • Gas Cost Calculator
    Allen Liu Apr 30, 2007

    Do you ever wonder how much you pay for gas in a year? Use this simple gas cost calculator to find out how much you spend monthly and annually. In addition, this calculator will also compute the miles per gallon (MPG) for your vehicle.

  • js.Grapher 0.7 alpha
    Hamad Belshalat Mar 22, 2007

    A math function grapher.

  • Canadian Sovereignty with Territories Calculator
    William Chinnick Mar 1, 2007

    Here is a little calculator that can educate you about Canada. It includes a novel old Greek Zodiac calendar for star-gazers.

  • Temperature Converter
    Sandeep Gangadharan Feb 12, 2007

    Convert temperatures from Fahrenheit to Centigrade and vise-versa. Very easy to implement. Enter the temperature in one box and either press 'enter' or click in the other box to see the converted value.

  • Worth Your Weight in Gold Calc.
    William Chinnick Jan 8, 2007

    Extrapolate your weight and yearly earnings for an evaluation via properties of gold, and hypothetically a heart of gold for integration. The calc. also gives a home price for a lucid estimate when looking for an affordable client-side residence.