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Simple Image Gallery

Jay Rumsey Dec 12, 2007


Use this script to display images, one at a time, on your Web page. Very easy to set-up, and includes captions.

The beautiful mountains

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You can check [a href=""]the author's script listing[/a] or contact him directly (his e-mail is listed [a href=""]on his site[/a]).

Lee Dec 2, 2008

Drew,[br /][br /]It's hard to say because I would need to look at how you have implemented the script. Your question is beyond the scope of these comments. You will need to post it over on [a href=""]the JavaScript forum[/a]. Thanks!

Lee Nov 18, 2008

When the page first loads, the first image has the right subtitle, but if I click a button, they all say "undefined". How can I fix that?

Drew Nov 13, 2008

This works great, but would like to know how i could link each image to its own file url. First off, would i have to change that on the js. file or in the body or both? And what is the easiest way to do that?

Drew Nov 6, 2008

Sure. You can post your quesion over on [a href=""]the JavaScript forum[/a]. They will be able to help you. Thanks!

Lee Oct 31, 2008