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Simple Image Gallery

Jay Rumsey Dec 12, 2007


Use this script to display images, one at a time, on your Web page. Very easy to set-up, and includes captions.

The beautiful mountains

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Jerremy Nov 4, 2014

You can check [a href=""]the author's script listing[/a] or contact him directly (his e-mail is listed [a href=""]on his site[/a]).

Lee Dec 2, 2008

Drew,[br /][br /]It's hard to say because I would need to look at how you have implemented the script. Your question is beyond the scope of these comments. You will need to post it over on [a href=""]the JavaScript forum[/a]. Thanks!

Lee Nov 18, 2008

When the page first loads, the first image has the right subtitle, but if I click a button, they all say "undefined". How can I fix that?

Drew Nov 13, 2008

This works great, but would like to know how i could link each image to its own file url. First off, would i have to change that on the js. file or in the body or both? And what is the easiest way to do that?

Drew Nov 6, 2008