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JavaScriptSource Staff Oct 29, 2008


Add reflections to selected images on your Web pages. Vary the reflection height and opacity. Very easy to use and completely unobtrusive. Works well with logos, icons and dynamic image content such as forum avatars. Degrades nicely in older browsers.


Documentation available online.

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Your question is beyond the scope of these comments. You will need to post it over on [a href=""]the JavaScript forum[/a]. Thanks!

Lee Dec 2, 2008

I use GF-W168,when browsing most website do not adapt & when i download games it says no javascript found,wat can i do?

saeed Nov 9, 2008

hai it is very usefull code thanks to the author.

balu Nov 8, 2008

Thanks for the comments, Jonathan. It is generally used for logos and such.

Lee Nov 6, 2008

An image with a reflection already in it is probably not exactly the best example of how this could be "useful." You end up with a reflection of a reflection.[br /][br /]While this is a neat trick, I don't see much practical use. But thanks for trying. That's how we all learn new things.[br /][br /]I appreciate your efforts.

Jonathan Nov 1, 2008