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Andreas Berger Aug 6, 2008


This script provides a panorama view of an image, without using Flash or Java. Scrolls to the left and to the right. Easy to implement.

Panorama Demonstration


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That's the purpose of the panorama. You would need to adapt the script to do what you want.

Lee Oct 31, 2008

You might check on the author's site.

Lee Oct 31, 2008

Hello,[br /][br /]Is it possible to stop the scrolling at the end of the picture? I do not always make a panorama that is 360 degrees.[br /][br /]I will be glad to hear from you.[br /][br /]Greetings,[br /][br /]Ruud

Ruud Aug 27, 2008

I'm new to JS and am interested not so much in the panorama effect itself, as in the effect of the darkened window in which the image appears. Is this effect covered in tutorials? Thanks for any help.

steve curtis Aug 16, 2008