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Bouncing Image

Justin Arruda Jan 12, 2001
Randomly bounces an image, or anything within a DIV, across the page. Click on the image to start and stop it from moving. Cool!

The JavaScript Source: Image Effects: Bouncing Image

Simply click inside the window below, use your cursor to highlight the script, and copy (type Control-c or Apple-c) the script into a new file in your text editor (such as Note Pad or Simple Text) and save (Control-s or Command-s). The script is yours!!!


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Your Code for the bouncing image as stated in this page does not work under Windows 7 environment. The code needs slight modification to make it work. Please let me know if you wish to know my solution

Anis Helou Feb 10, 2015

This bouncing image has failed to move on the screen. My computer uses Windows 7 version. Please advise

Anis Helou Aug 10, 2014

I tried your code for the Bouncing Image but the Image failed to move on the screen. It took a fixed position at the top left corner of the screen. My computer uses Microsoft Windows 7 version. I appreciate your looking into the matter and advice

Anis Helou Feb 5, 2014

I copied and the code of the Bouncing Image and pasted it into the body of my HTML document as instructed by you. I used my computer which uses Windows 7 to play it but unfortunately the logo only appeared at the top left corner of the of the page but did not move at all. When I used it on another machine that uses Windows XP it worked perfectly Please advise

Anis Helou Dec 14, 2013