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BG Effect Scripts - Page 8

These scripts all deal with different types of image effects. Some produce a random background image or color, and others flash background colors at the user. There are also picture galleries and methods for displaying graphics on Web pages. General questions about image effects should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Title & URL locate
    kevin hall Aug 14, 2002

    "This script will collect your title from source and get the current URL from your browser. "

  • Color Selector
    Sean Prunka Aug 4, 2002

    Displays a rollover WebSafe brick, and a Dropdown Color Name list.

  • DS SlideText
    Dario Sciacca Aug 2, 2002

    "This script displays a slidetext effect "

  • TSlinkrotation 1.0
    Thomas Schuster Aug 2, 2002

    Object oriented link rotation, uses prototypes

  • Flashing Squares
    peter Jul 23, 2002

    This script changes the background color of cells in a table to a set of colors you define.

  • Colorizer
    Vjekoslav Begovic Jul 19, 2002

    This script randomly changes the color of each letter in specified message. Works in all browsers.

  • Basic Text Link Color Change
    nue nee xiong Jul 11, 2002

    Move your mouse over a Link and watch the color change! Really basic and a really good script for any site! Edit text color when visited and hovered. Even change fonts and mouse style when your mouse hovers the link!

  • Ultimate Text Scroller
    Influenzae Jul 5, 2002

    A cool and simple script to scroll text.

  • DS RandomBackground
    Dario Sciacca Jul 3, 2002

    This script displays a random background image

  • Disco Lights
    Jeffrey Bell Jun 29, 2002

    A simple light show

  • ImageTransition2
    Jordi Martinez Jun 14, 2002

    This script scrolls your images across the screen. Works great as an ad rotator.

  • DS SeasonBackground
    Dario Sciacca Jun 5, 2002

    This script displays a different background image for every season

  • Flying Text Intro Script
    Sunil Gopalan May 23, 2002

    An easy to customize floating text introduction script. No pictures/Flash is used to produce these effects - hence easier on older browsers.

  • ZoomFade
    Alex Kozhemyakin May 22, 2002

    "Push the ""Click to Start"" link and the text glides smoothly towards the user creating a nice banner for your site."

  • Through the Universe
    Igor Bushin May 18, 2002

    A JavaScript background for your page. Easy to customize.

  • DS StatusBarShoot
    Dario Sciacca May 14, 2002

    This script displays a shoot-text in the status bar. It includes a HTML code generator that allows the user to change parameters without any knowledge of JavaScript and HTML programming.

  • Image Scale
    Joseph Myers May 8, 2002

    Simple resizing of on-page graphics in HTML.

  • Fading Dynamic Content
    Premshree Pillai May 2, 2002

    This JavaScript creates a slide-show effect displaying different content dynamically. The content fades in while being displayed. Works in MSIE.

  • Gliding Layer
    Eddie Traversa Apr 28, 2002

    This little script glides a layer into position with a gradual slowing down effect.

  • Javascript Title Changer
    John B Apr 26, 2002

    Changes title using OnMouseOver event.

  • Climbing Links
    Mehmet Genc Apr 23, 2002

    Demonstrates how to display links that move upwards. You can add as many links as you want.

  • Stretch Rollovers
    Roy Whittle Apr 21, 2002

    "This demo is another example of what can be created using the ""Zooming Rollovers"" script. As you mouse over an image it grows in width (stretches) and on mouse out it shrinks. Only one image per rollover is required. "

  • DS TitleBarFlash
    Dario Sciacca Apr 4, 2002

    This script displays a flash-text in the title bar

  • Color Chart Script Changer
    Claudia Thompson Mar 29, 2002

    This script helps you identify exactly what color you want. Simply move the mouse around the spectrum until you find your shade, then cut and paste the code. Only works in MSIE.

  • Rollover backgroundcolor changer
    Anthony De Smet Mar 27, 2002

    This little tool helps you to decide what bgcolor you want. Not all colors are in, just the main ones .