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BG Effect Scripts - Page 7

These scripts all deal with different types of image effects. Some produce a random background image or color, and others flash background colors at the user. There are also picture galleries and methods for displaying graphics on Web pages. General questions about image effects should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Reading order of an object (Demonstration)
    Igor Bushin Jun 5, 2003

    This script demonstrates the reading order of an object and explains how to set or retrieve the reading order.

  • Select Box Manipulation
    Guy Malachi May 13, 2003

    This code displays some cool concepts you can do with JavaScript and select boxes.

  • Background Music Switch
    Apr 8, 2003

    With this script, you give the user the option to choose if he/she wants music or not. The choice is now ours to make!

  • Image Uploader
    Robert Bolter Mar 23, 2003

    The Image Only Uploader! This script only allows users to upload images to the site.

  • Image Clone
    Mar 15, 2003

    This is a very simple JavaScript timepass program. It will tile your images

  • Graphical Stack
    Mahesh Dasadiya Feb 18, 2003

    This script provides an example of a JavaScript array showing the graphical manipulation of a stack.

  • Revealer
    Premshree Pillai Feb 15, 2003

    "Personalize your site with the Revealer. As the name suggests, this DHTML script gradually 'Reveals' the entire content within a web page."

  • Blur Text Script
    Stephan Werbeck Feb 6, 2003

    No it's not your eyes going bad, it's the blurred text. This script creates an eerie aura around your text.

  • Expanding Text Images 2
    Jan 29, 2003

    This script creates a message using expanding text images. It's as simple as creating your own text images to say whatever you need.

  • Color Changer
    Ben Marisic Jan 11, 2003

    A short script that lets people change the text and background colors on your site.

  • Horizontal Slider
    Vasile Barsan Jan 11, 2003

    This script slide any number of images from right to left. Browser compatibility updated.

  • Multi-image slideshow
    Jeffrey Bell Jan 11, 2003

    Yet another JavaScript slideshow that continually shows a number of image places within the display area.

  • Mouse Trail Effect
    SHAH RUKH Memon Dec 21, 2002

    This script trails the mouse with the image of a heart.

  • Animated Text
    Jeffrey Bell Dec 18, 2002

    Get your text moving with this animated text script.

  • Rotating Cursors Script
    Muhammad Sufyan Dec 12, 2002

    This script gives an effect like the cursor is rotating clockwise or counter-clockwise. In fact, the cursors are changing the types. Very simple yet cool effect!

  • JavaScript Color Show
    Randall Goya Dec 3, 2002

    The ultimate JavaScript hex color scheme toy - randomly changes bg, text, link and vlink colors with many user controls and web-safe option. Also displays user-input hex color schemes.

  • Notes Popup
    David Shields Nov 7, 2002

    Displays popup notes for text entry values.

  • tunneling
    timothy englert Nov 2, 2002

    JavaScript and ActiveX create this tunnel effet that uses some cool text. No gifs, just code generated fun!

  • Tag Mover
    Russell Kaufman-Pace Nov 1, 2002

    This script slides a colored background behind a set of navigation tabs. Easy to customize

  • Flashing Table Border Script
    Igor Bushin Oct 21, 2002

    "Make a particular table's border flash with this visual script! Alternate between two colors, configurable speed. "

  • Change Background: Picture/Color
    Cristian Diaconu Oct 9, 2002

    This script flashes a few times the background between a picture and a simple color...

  • Fireworks 2
    Jacco IJzerman Oct 8, 2002

    This script shows a multicolored fireworks simulation.

  • count down timer with sounds
    H Taber Oct 4, 2002

    This is a countdown timer that can have sounds for any point, and for the finish.

  • Flipflop
    Colin Patterson Oct 2, 2002

    This script alternately "flips" and "flops" between two images, with adjustable smoothness, speed and pauses. It may be useful as an alternative to a crossfade.

  • Black Hole
    Vjekoslav Begovic Sep 26, 2002