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BG Effect Scripts - Page 5

These scripts all deal with different types of image effects. Some produce a random background image or color, and others flash background colors at the user. There are also picture galleries and methods for displaying graphics on Web pages. General questions about image effects should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Sequential Random Filters
    Richard Hucko Sep 11, 2004

    A DHTML Effect that sequentially places random filters on characters in a phrase then places a darkblue glow filter on the entire phrase.

  • Out of Control Text
    Richard Hucko Aug 22, 2004

    Check out this DHTML splash screen that resizes, repositions, and stretches text across your browser.

  • Image Viewer
    Hamad Belshalat Aug 17, 2004

    This JavaScript is good for viewing special images that you need to zoom in, and zoom out of!

  • Advanced Push-button Slide Show
    CodeLifter Aug 3, 2004

    This JavaScript is a push-button controlled image slide show with captions and fading image transitions.

  • Ultimate Fader v0.1
    Louis Pitterman Jul 30, 2004

    This constructor function allows you to fade any color (background, border or foregound) of any object. This is a complete demo, with lots of internal documentation and examples.

  • Keyboard Table Navigation
    vto Jul 24, 2004

    This simple script restricts the mouse and will only allow users to navigate a table using only the arrow keys.

  • Wind-Up Text Writer Intro
    Richard Hucko Jul 23, 2004

    A DHTML JavaScript that emulates winding up text phrases before displaying them. Add a bit of pizzazz to the opening page of your site.

  • Avenue MetaSearch 3
    PC Dalhuijsen Jul 23, 2004

    This search form gives you the possibility to search the 50+ most popular search engines and directories. The form is transparent, so you can paste it right on your website to fit your design, and to offer your visitors a valuable tool that makes them come back.

  • JS SlideShow Script II
    Jul 15, 2004

    Dynamic fader effect image transitions in IE highlight this easy, short, cross-browser cut-and-paste script that presents images in a continuous slideshow format. Any number of images can be used, and timing is adjustable. Great for newcomers, but a solid utility script, too.

  • Xeyes
    George Chiang Jul 7, 2004

    Make your visitors feel like they're being watched with this whimsical "Xeyes" script! A happy face with eyes will follow the mouse.

  • Drop Down Image Select
    romack natividad Jun 10, 2004

    This JavaScript dynamically previews images from an HTML-Select menu.

  • Image Filter
    Tareq Sabbah Jun 6, 2004

    "This is a script that implements a filter effect on an image, making the mist angles change. "

  • JS Search Engine
    May 12, 2004

    This script will search google for any term you want. If users don't enter a word an alert pops up asking you to put in a term.

  • Quick Intro Effect
    Richard Hucko Apr 29, 2004

    A Quick Intro Text Effect that starts off displaying letters one at a time, then displays the whole text string, moving letters one over another, and finishes by glowing and fading.

  • Color Changer
    Botond Fazekas Apr 27, 2004

    This script can change the color of a layer to whatever color the user chooses.

  • BG & Text Flasher /Fader
    Richard Hucko Apr 23, 2004

    "BG & Text Flasher/Fader can be used as an effect to spice up any web page. Fades background-colors, then nicely fades the text in."

  • Stripe Tables
    Dante Evans Apr 22, 2004

    "This very simple script will stripe table rows. You can easily edit the colors with custom attributes in the <TBODY> tag."

  • SR Link Rotator
    Apr 21, 2004

    This script will rotate your web pages links. The users needs to set the texts, URLs and the delay time. Workis in For MSIE 5.0 and up, Navigator 6.0 and up and Mozilla 1.1 and up.

  • Frame Print 2
    Apr 16, 2004

    This simple to use script is ideal for use in frameset designs, where you want to have a link in one page in the frameset that prints out the content in another frame.

  • Aurora Cursor
    gordon scott Apr 7, 2004

    This effect creates a beautiful rainbow aurora around the cursor.

  • Dynamic Resizing Effect
    Richard Hucko Apr 4, 2004

    This script resizes text alternately. Add this lively effect to your banners and titles.

  • Image Changer
    Silas Ira Mar 25, 2004

    Use this script to change an image on your page without having to reload the entire page content.

  • Bouncing Image Script
    Fyrsten Peder Mar 24, 2004

    "Want to add some bounce to your site? Well this script will move your image across the screen like a bouncing ball."

  • Fireworks Script
    Anthony Ronda Mar 23, 2004

    This script shoots multi-colored sparks in all different directions wherever you click the mouse.

  • Random Image Script
    Mar 16, 2004

    There are five images that will be chosen at random and displayed each time by the script. Remember this is a random choice, so it's possible for the same image to appear a number of times in succession. The more images you use, the less possibility of repetition there is.