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BG Effect Scripts - Page 4

These scripts all deal with different types of image effects. Some produce a random background image or color, and others flash background colors at the user. There are also picture galleries and methods for displaying graphics on Web pages. General questions about image effects should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Randomized Text
    MUFFASO DarkMaster Aug 24, 2005

    Create randomized text in your background.

  • Colorful onMouseOver Objects
    Th( Cao Phong Aug 9, 2005

    This script can make objects become more lovely and colorful. In the example, you move your mouse over the objects below to see the effect.

  • Bouncing Image
    Fyrsten Peder Jun 27, 2005

    Makes an image bounce.

  • Scrollbar Style
    Gregory Robertson Jun 13, 2005

    This script is simple CSS that allows the user to change the color and shadow properties of the scrollbar. The example here gives a blue background with whtie scrollbar face

  • Fade Function
    wav syntax Jun 7, 2005

    This script creates a JavaScript function that fades HTML elements in or out. Includes an example for fading text on or off of your Web page.

  • Path Object Constructor: Moving Items on a Page
    Louis Pitterman Jun 7, 2005

    "Attaches a JavaScript ""path"" object to an HTML object to control its automated movement."

  • Image Preloader MKII
    Jeffrey Bell May 16, 2005

    Preload images

  • Image Zoom Out
    Premshree Pillai May 12, 2005

    In this script, when you move or click on an image, the image size will decrease gradually (i.e the image will zoom out) and will finally disappear.

  • Flashing Scrollbar
    Apr 29, 2005

    This script causes the scroll bars to continually flash. (Works in MSIE only.)

  • Image Preloader with Statistics
    Pok Lee Apr 21, 2005

    Preloads image files in the browser cache for smooth image swapping, or button effects. During loading, the vistor is kept informed by the progress bar and stats.

  • Detailed Background Changer
    Anthony De Smet Apr 14, 2005

    This version had all the non-composed colors in it (red, green, and blue, from very dark to very light) and gives you the proper code.

  • CCBackground
    Isaac Chau Mar 21, 2005

    A JavaScript visual effect that changes objects' background color continuously.

  • Magnifying glass
    Vincent Mes Mar 3, 2005

    See your images through a magnifying glass!

  • Snow Falling
    Anonymous Jan 25, 2005

    While your looking at a webpage snow will be falling down.

  • Page/Frame Scroller
    vasile barsan Dec 29, 2004

    Scrolls automatically up and down any page/frame.

  • User Controls
    Richard Hucko Dec 2, 2004

    This script allows users to modify text size and color on a key press. The script modifies the contents of a span tag, changing the values on the fly.

  • Drop Down Image Select
    romack natividad Nov 23, 2004

    This is an updated JavaScript that dynamically previews images from an HTML-Select menu.

  • Image Enlarge!
    Daniel Phish Nov 21, 2004

    Image Enlarge is a neat short script in which you can click the image to enlarge it. Super simple, yet cool!

  • FTitle - Flashing Title
    Ira Sterbakov Nov 15, 2004

    FTitle will change the <title> of your page at whatever speed you desire.

  • Flashing Table Border Script
    DynamicDrice Nov 3, 2004

    "Make a particular table's border flash with this visual script! Choose between two colors with configurable speed."

  • MetaMorfozis's Running Lights
    Meta Morfozis Oct 28, 2004

    Miss the 80's? Decorate your site with this fanciful script that emulates Kitt's running lights from Knight Rider.

  • Live Page Change
    Oct 1, 2004

    Live Page Change is an easy to use tool for web page designers and those wanting to know more about how CSS affects a web page. It's a way to immediately see the effect that CSS changes cause. It will build the CSS Style Sheet for you as you try out different layout ideas on your page. When you're done, you can 'copy and paste' the style sheet into the head of your document to make the changes more "permanent".

  • Theme Changer
    Hamad Belshalat Sep 17, 2004

    This snippet of code is for switching themes for your page. All through the wonders of CSS and JavaScript.

  • JS Matrix
    Allan Wang Sep 17, 2004

    Are you a big Matrix fan? If so this is for you. This script allows users to add matrix-like animation effects to the background of your web site.

  • Text Colorizer
    Arash Akbari Sep 14, 2004

    This JavaScript changes the text color of any paragraph or word you choose. It's great for making certain areas of your article really stand out.