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BG Effect Scripts - Page 32

These scripts all deal with different types of image effects. Some produce a random background image or color, and others flash background colors at the user. There are also picture galleries and methods for displaying graphics on Web pages. General questions about image effects should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Move an image across the screen
    ZeeZZ Feb 23, 1998

    This javascript works only on IE4. It takes any image (in this case 1.gif) and makes it move across the browser screen randomly. (ALSO USES VBSCRIPT!!)

  • Random Background Image Generator
    William Feb 23, 1998

    This loads a new background image each time the page is accessed!!

  • Eugene's Random Image Displayer
    Eugene Feb 19, 1998

  • image gallery generator
    chris Feb 16, 1998

    this will generate an image gallery type page with the image locations and descriptions you provide

  • Image Change OnMouseOver
    David Feb 10, 1998

    Put your mouse over the banner and it changes (have the onMouseOver images loaded somewhere on page).

  • amazing annoying moving dots!
    Bradley Feb 8, 1998

    This creates six dots that follow your mouse around and stuff. this rules the earth.

  • Gamers Link Xtreme (GLX) banner exchange rotations
    Paul Feb 7, 1998

    This is a script to rotate your GLX( banner exchange banners on your site so you can maximize your credits! You can double or triple your credits and thus hits!!!

  • Mouse Over Image > Textarea Changes
    Damon Feb 6, 1998

    When you mouse over an image two things happen. 1) The image changes . 2) a description of the link pops up in a textarea somewhere else on the page. There is a small error in the source of this version. It may not work under netscape. Just view the source and remove the html comments around the script to fix it.

  • Fire and Ice Banner Generator
    Adam Feb 2, 1998

    The best random banner generator with links you are EVER going to see!

  • onMoseOver
    Benny Feb 2, 1998

    a simple script, for Netscape & Explorer, that replaces images whaen the mouse is over/out of an image.

  • Image Selector
    Niksun Feb 1, 1998

    Displays a selected image (from a drop-down list).

  • Ryan's Awesome Backrond Fade
    Ryan Feb 1, 1998

    This script fades the backround. (Is used on my page.) P.S. Must have colour backround not a tiled pic.

  • Image Manipulator
    Chriz, Jan 31, 1998

    "This is a cool script that I accidentally wrote... I think it's pretty cool, it changes the LAST image that you put on the page with the ""Image Change"" code."

  • Short, Easy, Random Images
    John Jan 20, 1998

    This script is alot shorter and easier to use and customize than most of the other random image scripts here. Just 2 lines long!

  • Desktop Background Changer
    Gareth Jan 17, 1998

    Somthing I coded up for my own use with IE4's desktop HTML feature. It randomly changes the background of the desktop between a set of one or more images.

  • Background Changer
    Mike Jan 12, 1998

    Sets the background to any of the preset colors by clicking their buttons or input your own color by clicking the 'Other...' button.

  • Background Image Chooser
    Cyborg27 Jan 11, 1998

    Selects a background image based on the viewer's screen size. Handy for when you want to use background as watermark, and display entire background regardless of end user's screen resolution.