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BG Effect Scripts - Page 31

These scripts all deal with different types of image effects. Some produce a random background image or color, and others flash background colors at the user. There are also picture galleries and methods for displaying graphics on Web pages. General questions about image effects should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

    Anguna May 29, 1998

    changerd your background color when your mouse goes over the text

    dan May 28, 1998

    So, tried a sponsor rotator, but it didn't work. Well, you can have any # of sponsor, and all you have to do is put in the code for that sponsor.

  • Improved Image Pop-up Window
    Ray May 27, 1998

    Display pictures in a pop-up window by clicking on a thumbnail. Pop-up is opened as the top window and is closed when you close the main window or move to a new page. This is a improved version of my original script 11574 that was posted in December, 1997. A newer version than the one here has since been posted on my page at on 10/12//98. Detail instructions for implementing are included there.

  • Acck Preloader (public version)
    The May 26, 1998

    This is a very easy script to use you basicily copy everything below and put it in a blank html make the specified modifications and its ready. If your going to use this script please link to you would not believe how hard this was when i made it. please excuse the mess in my code

  • Mr. Push Me
    Anonymous May 20, 1998

    Meet Mr. Push Me Push him

  • Fade in (check this out!!!!!)
    Anonymous May 13, 1998

    Yo, this is a cool script that begins dark and fades into white and my page check it out and nominate me! OH, by the way, 'Finio says oink!

  • Script by Ed
    Anonymous May 12, 1998


  • Warp Background
    Anonymous May 10, 1998

    Cool background script!

  • The Banner Changer
    Anonymous May 8, 1998

    This Changes the banner everytime someone visits your site!

  • Multimedia Advertisement Banner !
    Nicolas May 5, 1998

    Find ad banners boring ? Just have a look at this one... Mix both images and sounds. Has someone created smeeling banners with javascript 10.2 ?!

  • t-banner
    Damian Apr 30, 1998

    displays a series of messages in the text box below.. next to where the key is in Netscape..

  • Javascript Advertisement Banner
    Nicolas Apr 29, 1998

    An advertisment banner that let you configure the src, alt and href attribute of each ad, plus an optional title for the banner.

  • Super EZ onMouseOver Image
    Anonymous Apr 14, 1998

    This is another onMouseOver image changer script, but this one is exceptionally EZ to use!!

  • Change Background and foregroung on a promt window
    Alex Apr 13, 1998

    This is vb script. It changes background and foreground color of the page. You stillhave a choice what color you want on a promt window:-)

  • Cool Rotating Message Banner
    Anonymous Mar 31, 1998

    This script rotates the messages of your choice

  • BannerSys v1.0 by El Bucanero
    Damian Mar 29, 1998

    Its a javascript banner system, you put the URLs and the .GIF and this will show a different banner each time you see the web page.

  • Enhanced T-Banner
    Polar Mar 26, 1998

    This is my version of the T-Banner... cool isn't it? Nominate me... :o)

  • Background Fade Script
    Ted Mar 16, 1998

    Fades the background of a webpage, with any colors you choose and at any speed you set. Very easy to modify for new users. Please vote for this...

  • The Next Generation Banner Rotateing
    Michael Mar 16, 1998

    loads serveral different banners and rotates them without any reloading. banners can be in different size with different links and, and, and. Absolute freely configurable!!! You MUST nominate this script!!!!

  • Fading-In Image
    Felipe Mar 11, 1998

    Watch your logo appear gradually!

  • Image Show v0.9
    Russell Mar 11, 1998

    This Script allows a user of your page to flip through a series of pictures on your site. Better than the rest since it reaches the end and goes back to the begining. IE4.0 Only

  • Background Changer
    Anonymous Mar 10, 1998

    Lets visitors pick what color they want to have on your page. Groovy.

  • Image Changer
    Matt Mar 10, 1998

    A simple image changer example that makes a red circle turn blue when the mouse moves over it.

  • >> CONSTANT Background Color Changer
    Chris Feb 26, 1998

    This script CONSTANTLY changes the background color of a page. Unlike other scripts in this area this script NEVERENDINGLY changes the colors of the background. No more dumb scripts that change the background 10 times and then stops working, this is CONSTANT. Also includes a Stop and Resume button for the script. NOMINATE THIS SCRIPT IF YOU LIKE IT!

  • Color Picker
    Howard Feb 25, 1998

    I coded them, so you don't have to.