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BG Effect Scripts - Page 30

These scripts all deal with different types of image effects. Some produce a random background image or color, and others flash background colors at the user. There are also picture galleries and methods for displaying graphics on Web pages. General questions about image effects should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Dave's Awesome Image Changer
    Anonymous Jul 14, 1998

    Use this script to make an awesome image changer for your homepage!

  • Image Changer (OnClick/OnMouseover/Status Bar)
    Urs Jul 13, 1998

    This script changes the image onMouseover, restores it onMouseout and changes it to a third image onClick. Great for creating menus! THE solution to onClick/onMouseover problems!!

  • Zoom IN and OUT (Using Layer)
    Anonymous Jul 9, 1998

    To view this script working, you must have Netscape 4.0 or better browser! Use this nice effect to upgrade your page and it's absolutely free to use as long as you don't erase my name on the script!^^*

  • Animated Layers!
    Anonymous Jul 8, 1998

    Make an image on a background layer move across the screen to your coordinates behind other layers!

  • led sign
    Anonymous Jul 8, 1998

    This is a cool animated banner that uses two graphics and shows animated text. It is hard to explain. So just look yourself. I have only if u like please nominate

  • Image Changer
    Anonymous Jul 4, 1998

    Changes Images on mouseover. Best image changer that I have found or created. Same short script works with multiple images.

  • Dynamic Layer Refresh Script 1.0a
    Comet Jul 1, 1998

    Change sections of a page without having to refresh the entire page. NO FRAMES. Great for image galleries and online presentations. TONS OF USES! NN4 and IE4.

  • FLaSh
    Jeff Jun 28, 1998

    well if you want something cool for your site take this. By ReDdOg Now optomized for 5.0

  • Bouncer
    Dolius Jun 23, 1998

    This script only works with IE4.0 but also will be shown on Netscape with the wrong result... If you want to use this e-mail to me at

  • Background Image Viewer
    Chris Jun 22, 1998

    Allow you to look at any image on the www or local hard drive as the background of a generated page. Great for testing graphics!

    Michael Jun 22, 1998

    Changes the background color from a start to a middle and then to an end color just by setting the RGB values. Also speed is freely adjustable. One time or infinite loops are possible. The script can be stopped and restarted by the user.

  • Epilepsy Masochism
    Jim Jun 20, 1998

    Don't look at this one if you're epileptic ^_-

  • Dynamic Image plus link for Netscape
    El-KoMar Jun 19, 1998

    this script will load a dynamic image that will move on your page.

  • The Backgrounder
    Chris Jun 19, 1998

    Script that allows you to click on an image and view it as the background of a generated page.

  • Colorchanger
    Pieter Jun 18, 1998

    With this one a user can pic a suitable background color for the page on display :)

  • Dynamic Image Plus Link for IE
    El-KoMar Jun 18, 1998

    this script will show a dynamic image(will move on your webpage). Link also can be added to the image

  • MouseOver here - ImageChange There
    Rob Jun 16, 1998

    Performs an image change in a different area than the MouseOver. Also, one Mouseover changes multiple images simultaneously. A must-see. If you like and/or use this script, then PLEASE Nominate!!

  • CSS Slide Show By Jeff Pectol
    Jeff Jun 15, 1998

    A CSS And Java Script slide show that preloades images for quickness...

  • Zaris
    Anonymous Jun 11, 1998

    Try it!

  • Background Buttons
    FrAnCe Jun 10, 1998

    Buttons for the background.

  • Back Ground Picker
    Gordon Jun 8, 1998

    Pick Your own background and text colors then change them if you want

  • Color Palette
    Anonymous Jun 7, 1998

    This script displays a color table witch changes you background color on click. Check it out! (and nominate if you like it)!

  • Image counter and change
    Ted Jun 6, 1998

    this script displays images that chagne afer a certain amount of time and have a link. works well and is simple.

  • Background Chaos
    Adam Jun 2, 1998

    im on my way down now, wont you come with me, i am your hydra now you'll see your star, hate of this is hate of that, GERMANY RULES

  • Background Color Changer
    Mark Jun 1, 1998

    This cute little script contains 2 buttons that either change your background white or black. Has a nice user-friendly interface. Please email your comments