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BG Effect Scripts - Page 3

These scripts all deal with different types of image effects. Some produce a random background image or color, and others flash background colors at the user. There are also picture galleries and methods for displaying graphics on Web pages. General questions about image effects should be posted to The JavaScript Forum.

  • Streaming Banners
    Jeroen Haan Apr 9, 2007

    Add a banner roll to your Web site with this easy-to-use script. Each banner can also include a URL. The size can be set in the script file.

  • Automate Figure Numbers, Captions, and Lists
    Roland Toy Apr 4, 2007

    Need to move, add, or delete a umbered figure in a web document? These scripts ratchet figure numbers up or down to accommodate those changes, and generate figure lists.

  • Smooth Image Buttons
    Eric Simmons Apr 2, 2007

    With this script your buttons can have up to four states: none, over, down, and up. This makes the button feel more real than a simple mouseover. In addition, the different button states are all part of the same background image.

  • Random Quote Genertor Version 2
    Daniel Standley Mar 31, 2007

    A new and inproved version of my Random Quote Genertor

  • Image Effects : Image Preloader
    Jeroen Haan Mar 19, 2007

    This script will preload images to enable your pages to load faster. Place the images in one directory and make sure they have all the same extension (defaults to "jpg").

  • Free Vertical Tickers: DEMOs and Cut&Paste
    vasile barsan Mar 5, 2007

    Free Multi-OS and cross-browser compatible vertical scrollers and sliders JavaScripts.

  • Free Horizontal Scroller and Slider JavaScripts
    vasile barsan Feb 16, 2007

    Horizontal Sliders adjustables: Size,Background and SPEED. Horizontal Scrolling adjustables: Size, Pause, Background and SPEED.

  • Image Captions
    Dunstan Orchard Dec 29, 2006

    This script uses the text from the title attribute of an image as a caption for the image. If your title attribute contains a URL then the caption becomes a link, otherwise it's presented as plain text.

  • Typewriter Ticker 2.0 free
    vasile barsan Nov 20, 2006

    Displays any message character by character from left to right or center out, based upon text_alignment set out in CSS.

  • JaS Gallery
    Robert Nyman Nov 8, 2006

    This is a highly customizable JavaScript library for easily turning your images into a collection viewable as a slideshow, and with fading effects, if desired. It also supports automatic thumbnail creation and tagging of images.

  • Horizontal Slider JavaScript v2.2
    vasile barsan Oct 3, 2006

    Concatenates and slides any number of images from right to left.

  • Enlarge Image 2
    Aug 16, 2006

    This one line script changes the image size and source on your thumbnail picture without reloading the page or using popups.

  • Vertical Scroller v3.5
    vasile barsan Jul 10, 2006

    Scrolls up and pauses any number of messages.

  • Image Effects : Image Load Delayer
    Sandeep Gangadharan Jun 25, 2006

    This simple and short script can be used to delay the loading of any particular image on a Web page. A smaller imageis loaded, which can be transparent or blank, in place of the larger image. After a designated amount of time the larger image can be made to load in place of the smaller one.

  • Image Fader
    Roy Whittle Jun 1, 2006

    This script is an image rollover that gradually changes the opacity of an image as you move your mouse over it.

  • Image Effects : Next-Previous Image Gallery
    Sleuth Solomon May 31, 2006

    A very simple image gallery. The script is short and includes comments to guide you along the way.

  • Vertical Slide Show from top down
    vasile barsan May 26, 2006

    Concatenates and slides from the top down any number of images.

  • Smart Images
    Nick Trevino Mar 27, 2006

    "This makes your images become smarter. When you set the class attribute of your image to ""smart"" they will enlarge when the mouse gets close to them!"

  • Rotating Image
    Lee Underwood Mar 17, 2006

    Display your images in a rotating sequence. Easy to set up and very unobtrusive.

  • Image Effects : Simple Swap
    Jehiah Czebotar Feb 15, 2006

    This script simplifies the creation of image rollovers. Instead of a lot of complicated code on the page, it only requires a link to the two images, without any changes to the external JavaScript file. Very unobtrusive JavaScript!

  • Images in Layers
    Steve S Dec 10, 2005

    An interesting method of picture viewing. With this script, you can specify the coordinates of the picture and, after clicking the thumbnail of the picture. it'll appear at the specified coordinates.

  • Color Bar
    Corey Ogburn Oct 20, 2005

    Using a mix of Javascript and CSS, a fashionable table with cells that change colors can be added to any Web page. It uses document.write(); so make sure to embed it in a table.

  • Diagonal Fly In
    Richard Hucko Oct 5, 2005

    Cascades a header diagonally into view, displaying an array of colors, followed by some bonus effects.

  • Image Editor
    Darius Ghanat Sep 7, 2005

    Choose an image and you can modify how the image looks.

  • Stationary (non-moving) Background Picture
    Duncan Singleton Sep 5, 2005

    Only takes two seconds to write yet does somethin' cool