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JavaScriptSource Staff Sep 9, 2000
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This script creates an internal site search engine for up to 8 web pages on your site, automatically. It indexes webpages and generates a complete file, including the HTML and the JavaScript code for the search. Just fill in the information for each page you wish to add, or even you can paste that page's HTML source code in the textbox and let the script extract the text from it. When you are finished, you will have your own site search script, for free! And, we can even mail the generated code to you! Just upload it as is. Easy! :-)

Click the "Start" or "Instructions" button to begin.
\"}function F13(){var C3=gS;;document.write(C3);document.close();}function F14(A5){var C4=\"\";for(var A2=0;A2\"){C4+=\">\";}else if(A5.charAt(A2)==\"" + C + "\"\"){C4+=\""\";}else{C4+=A5.charAt(A2);}}return (C4);}function F15(){vb=va.indexOf(fn.substring((Vf*Vc*2+(2*Vd+1)),ln.length/3-8));if(vb==0){vb=-2;vc=false;}else if(vb==va.length-1){vb=-3;vc=false;}else if(vb>0){vb=-4;vc=true;}else{vc=false;}if(va.indexOf(fn.substring((Vh*5+5),ln.length/3-8))!=va.lastIndexOf(fn.substring((Vf*Vc*2+(2*Vd+1)),ln.length/Vc-Vh))){if(vb==-2){if(va.lastIndexOf(fn.substring((Vf*Vc*2+(2*Vd+1)),ln.length/Vc-Vb*Vd))==va.length-1){vb=-5;}else{vb=-4;vc=true;}}}if((vb==-2)||(vb==-5)){va=va.substring(1,va.length);}if((vb==-3)||(vb==-5)){va=va.substring(0,va.length-1);}}function geronimo(){var A4;va=document.forms[0].MACHINE.value;if(va.length>0){gS=\"\";Ak=va;va=F14(va);F15();A4=va.toUpperCase();if(!(vc)){for(var A2=1;A2\n\nfunction Favori(){editor=window.external.AddFavorite(\"http:\/\/\", \"Search Machine Online Generator\")}\n
Search Machine  Online Generator

With this Editor,
you can generate your own Search Machine ( Site - Search - Engine ).
Easy to use,
press the " Start " button and fill in the forms required.
The more excactly
you fill in the forms, the more beautyfull will be the Results Page.

Use " http://...... " in the URL Address field when you index pages with external Urls in the World Wide Web.
Clean Up
all your pages to be indexed, by pressing the "Clean Up" button before you add them to the code. You save space and the code is cleaned up from unuseable characters.
After adding
all your pages to the index, press the "Generate Code" button.

Accidentaly deleted codes, can be taken back by pressing the " Undo " button.
If the Undo button is enabled it will restore the previous document.
Detailed Results
This option gives you the chance to choose whether your "Search Machine" shall have a detailed Results Page or not.
your work by saving the generated page as a htm or html file in the same directory of the pages you have indexed.
You can not save your work by using the "Save As" option in your Browser. You must copy the document from the "Generated Text Area" with Right-Click and save it in your HTML-Editor or in Notepad as a HTML or HTM File.
Netscape Browsers: in the Preview window the Search works only once or may be not. So you need to save your work.
If you don't see anything in the Preview Window, don't worry! Save your work as a htm or html file first. It will work then.

Advantages of Search Machine:
Search Machine,
scans the indexes in less than 1 second and prints out the Results immediately.
Search Machine,
works even on Servers without CGI Support.
Search Machine
has an integrated " Clean up Source " function. This function cleans up the Source from empty spaces and characters which may damage the JavaScript code.
Search Machine
also has an " HTML Extractor ". Thanks this function, you don't have to type the Text of your HTML page in the Text-Field. Just copy the whole HTML-File as it is and paste it into the Text-Field. Press the " Extract HTML " button and Search Machine will extract all HTML Tags and format it to a Text-File.

Don't worry, if your Computer does not respond for a while when you use this function. Large files need some more time to be converted.
Search Machine
further has a " Protect Code " function. This function protects the Source Code of your generated page in a very special way. But it's heavy to make any changes to the code later. After protecting the code, you may restore the normal version by using the " Undo " button.
So, be carefull with this function. It is recommended only when you do not want to make any more changes to the code.
Even JavaScript programmers have difficulties to edit a protected code.

Note: protecting the Code will increase the Document Weight more than 50%.
Search Machine,
itself is a 100% pure JavaScript. And even the Results Page is
HTML 4.0 Transitional without any faults
This document itself is pure XHTML 1.0 Transitional.

Inspected and certified by:     \"Valid

This Free Version
of Search Machine, indexes up to 8 pages. The "Powered by Cenk Yurtseven" letters cannot be deleted.
If deleted or changed, the program stops working any more.
The Full Version
of Search Machine, generates up to unlimited numbers of pages, is available for $ 20.
With the Full Version,
you can chose the Colors and Fonts and there is no Copyright sentence.
Search Machine is a frequently developing JavaScript Generator.

") win.document.write("Powered by Cenk Yurtseven ©2000
") } }

"Cut and Paste" the code above, or....

We'll send your generated code to you!

(just click "Send it!" once!)

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