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Lorem Ipsum Generator

Will Munslow Apr 20, 2007


When laying out Web sites, it is sometimes necessary to fill the areas of the page with some text. This script will do that for you, generating as much or as little text as you need. Simple to use. Add it to your own site.

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What does the filler text "lorem ipsum" mean? Get the straight dope.

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It should be working now.

Lee Jun 5, 2007

It should be working now.

Lee Jun 5, 2007

Thanks, Larry. It should be working now.

Lee Jun 5, 2007

I am unable to get this code to work. I get the following error: An error has occurred in the script on this page. Line 13 Char 3 Error 'document.loremForm.loremString' is null or not an object Code:0

anita dougherty May 17, 2007

There is a slight error within the BODY section of this code in two places. You have the form name and id of the form as theForm and it should be loremForm. If this is not corrected, the effect will not work and there will be an error message in the taskbar. [br /]Other than that, you guys keep up the great work you are doing!!!

The Consigliere Apr 22, 2007