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Digg Button Generator

Tanya Puntti Apr 27, 2007


Looking for an easy way to add Digg buttons and links to your Web pages? The instructions given on the Digg Web site can be a bit tedious. Use this generator instead, to make it easier. You can place it on your site for others to use also. The image file contains Digg buttons to put on your Web site or blog, which can also be customized for your site, using the included Photoshop file.

Digg Your Web Page

Enter the full URL of the Web page you want to Digg
e.g., http://www.yourSite.com/yourStory.htm

Enter a title for the page

Enter a description for the page

Choose a topic under which you want the page listed

Link your Digg button using the URL below


Source Code

Paste this source code into the designated areas.

External file

Paste this code into an external JavaScript file named: diggTool.js


Paste this code into the HEAD section of your HTML document.


Paste this code into the BODY section of your HTML document


Download the images using the URL below:

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This looks really useful and a way of encouraging website users to digg postings. Many thanks.

Sunray May 17, 2007

This is a really useful script which saves a lot of time. Congrats to the writer. Well done and thanks for sharing.

john May 6, 2007